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June 28, 1998 - Matthew Beck - Donald Beck said he may ask the state of Connecticut to return the weapons used by his son, Matthew Beck, in his deadly lottery office rampage. Generous Don said he wants to sell the gun and knife... and donate whatever he gets for them to the families of his son's four murder victims.

June 27, 1998 - Beyond Human - Experience another of our Flash-enhanded web-xtravaganzas. Using images culled from the Heaven's Gate mass suicide, Beyond Human is a trip into the cultist X-File-enhaced vision of the pearly gates and the friendly space aliens riding along the Hale-Bopp Comet. Tune In, Click Through and Freak Out. (To enjoy it you will need the Flash Plug-In from Macromedia)

June 27, 1998 - Henry Lee Lucas - Governor George W. Bush spared the life of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Bush issued the reprieve on the recommendation of the state parole board. "I can only thank them for believing the truth and having guts enough for standing up for what's right," Lucas said from death row.

June 27, 1998 - Marc Dutroux - The Belgian Justice Ministry said the trial of Marc Dutroux will not take place before September 2000. The delay is "because inquiries into Dutroux's alleged child sex crimes are not complete".

June 27, 1998 - Regina Moreland - Authorities in Dayton, Ohio, took four children from the custody of Regina Moreland's after the death of her 2-year-old grandson, the fourth child to die in her home in the past seven months. "The Morelands believe from the bottom of their hearts that no one is to blame for this tragic occurrence," said Jon Paul Rion, the family's attorney. In contrast, Sgt. Carl Bush said investigators believe Regina might be somewhat responsible for the dying children and plan to review the previous three deaths that, pointedly, were ruled as probable homicides.

June 27, 1998 John Orr - A former captain with the Glendale Fire Department, John Orr was convicted for the arson-murders of four people who died in a hardware store fire in South Pasadena. Orr, 49, was found guilty of the 1984 fire at Ole's Home Center that killed a woman, her grandson and two employees.

June 27, 1998 Kip Kinkel - Oregon authorities revealed that hours after Kip Kinkel's May 21 high school rampage, the teen killer was taken back to the halls of Thurston High to reenact the shootings. Kinkel, who faces 58 felony counts, will be tried as an adult, though his age precludes a death sentence. His trial is scheduled to begin next April.

June 26, 1998 - North Korean Suicide Sub - South Korean navy commandos found the bodies of nine North Koreans in a captured submarine, all shot dead in an apparent suicide pact. South Korea said the sub, spotted after becoming entangled in a South Korean fisherman's net earlier this week, was on a spy mission.

June 26, 1998 - Henry Lee Lucas - The Texan parole board recommended that Henry Lee Lucas should not be executed next Tuesday as scheduled. The one-eyed killer can be spared from the death chamber if Governor George W. Bush decides to reconsider his fate. In separate votes, the board advised Bush to give Lucas a 270-day reprieve and to commute the death sentence for the 1979 murder of a woman only known as "Orange Socks." Although Lucas confessed to killing her, work records and a cashed paycheck indicated he was in Florida at the time of the murder.

June 26, 1998 - Murder-Suicide in Michigan - Two adults sisters and two young children were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide inside a home in Baroda-Lake, southwestern Michigan. Neighbors identified the victims as the sisters and two of the older sister's young daughters.

June 26, 1998 - New Serial Killer Arrested in Costa Rica - The Judicial Investigative Organization Costa Rica is investigating the crimes of a new serial killer operating in the so-called Death Triangle - an area southeast of San José where another serial killer known as "The Psychopath" has operated since 1986.

June 25, 1998 - Debra Robertson - An Amityville, N.Y., mother was accused of killing two of her young children by immersing them in scalding hot water. The tots, Melvin King, 6, and his five-year-old sister Delvin, were found dead on a couch in a room by police after their grandmother called authorities. The grandmother called the police because her daughter, Debra Roberson, telephoned her screaming "God save my children." Debra, 31, was arrested in the apartment when police arrived.

June 24, 1998 - Heriberto Seda - New York's Zodiac killer was convicted for murdering three people and wounding one other. Heriberto Seda -- a 30-year-old, astrology-obsessed, high school dropout who built his own zip guns and loaded them with mail-order bullets -- faces up to life in prison for the Zodiac-style killing spree that began in 1990.

June 24, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - Accomplished author and confessed serial terrorist, Teddy K. is shopping his much-rumored new anti-technology manifesto with New York publishers. Teddy sent a handwritten, four-page pitch letter to the Simon & Schuster offices in New York with the hope they will publish his side of the mental defect story. Simon & Schuster senior editor Bob Bender said the luddite-bomber's proposal will not be considered.

June 23, 1998 - Michael Carneal - The families of the three high school students killed in the prayer circle shootings in West Paducah demanded that the prosecutor in the case resign. According to the disgruntled families Commonwealth Attorney Tim Kaltenbach's handling of the case has been "disastrous." He was charged with selecting a close friend with whom he has co-authored books and articles as a mental health expert to evaluate whether Michael Carneal -- the 14-year-old killer -- is competent to stand trial.

June 22, 1998 - Kuang Yingxue - Chinese police said a disgruntled schoolteacher set off a bomb at a citation ceremony for outstanding instructors in China's southwestern Yunnan province in April, killing himself and five other teachers.

June 20, 1998 - Indonesian Rioting - Authoritites in Indonesia said that more than 100 ethnic Chinese women, including girls as young as 10, were raped and murdered during last month's rioting. Most of the attacks happened during the three days of mob rule in which large areas of the capital, Jakarta, were looted and burned. Members of the army or police are believed to have been involved or at least had links with the gangs. Most attacks occurred in Chinatown and other areas with large Chinese populations. Frans Winarta, an ethnic Chinese and human rights lawyer, said: "This is a nightmare, it's really terrible. It's ethnic cleansing and the government must apologise."

June 20, 1998 - Brazilian Death Squads - Human rights groups have accused authorities of thwarting an investigation into police death squads in Brazil after the disappearance from the morgue in Maceio, capital of the state of Alagoas, of the bodies of 12 of their alleged victims. The bodies were among 32 discovered in clandestine graves during a federal probe of a criminal group known as the "uniformed gang," because most of its members were active policemen.

June 20, 1998 - Russian Rapist Killers - A distraught Russian mother splashed sulfuric acid into the faces of two men being sentenced in a courtroom in the central Russian city of Yaroslavl for the rapes and murders of her daughter and niece.

June 20 1998 - Wedding Massacre in Kashmir - Twenty-five Hindu wedding guests were massacred by Muslim separatist militants in the Indian state of Kashmir. A police spokesman said the victims had been travelling to the wedding by bus when the guerrillas struck.

June 20, 1998 - German Gun Club Rampager - A member of a north German gun club shot dead two fellow members and wounded two other people before killing himself in a shooting spree initially sparked by a marital row. The 55-year-old man shot his wife after an argument, wounding her in the ear and pelvis. He carjacked a motorist and forced him to drive across town to the house of a fellow gun club member. He shot the man dead and seriously wounded his wife. Then he carjacked someone else, drove somewhere else and killed another gun clubber. Finally he fled to a nearby harbour, where he committed suicide.

June 18, 1998 - Dennis Wayne Eaton - Rampage killer Dennis Wayne Eaton, 41, was executed in Virginia by lethal injection for the 1989 murders of Judy McDonald, 24, Jerry Hines, 48, Walter Custer Jr., 26, and Ripley Marston Sr., 68.

June 18, 1998 - San Francisco Playground Shooting - A teen-ager opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol on a crowded playground in San Francisco's Chinatown in San Francisco, wounding six youths. The injured, ranging in age from 14 to 19, were transported to San Francisco General Hospital. Two were in critical condition.

June 17, 1998 - Clarence Ray Taylor - A frontyard car mechanic with a history of depression and domestic violence, Clarence Ray Taylor, shot his wife and a daughter to death before killing himself in their home in the LA area city of Watts. Two other family members were critically wounded. The man and his wife were found dead inside the home, police said. Their 21-year-old daughter died later at a hospital. A 12-year-old daughter and 26-year-old niece were hospitalized in critical but stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds

June 17, 1998 - Kevin Foster - The leader of a gang of white teenagers who called themselves the Lords of Chaos was sentenced to death for the murder of his high school band director, Mark Schwebes.

June 17, 1998 - Mitchell Johnson - In another misguided attempt to blame rap music for society's ills, Debbie Pelley, an English teacher at the Jonesboro middle school, pointed at the music of Tupac Shakur and Bone Thugs 'N Harmony as inciting factors in Mitchell Johnson's shooting rampage. Pelley told a Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Committee, "Mitchell brought this music to school with him, listened to it on the bus, tried listening to it in classes, sang the lyrics over and over at school."

June 18, 1998 - Henry Lee Lucas - Texan Governor George W. Bush said he is bothered by questions raised about the guilt of a confessed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and has asked the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to review the case. Henry is scheduled to be executed June 30 for the 1979 slaying of an unidentified woman known as "Orange Socks." Although prosecutors say they have no doubt Lucas committed many crimes, former Attorney General Jim Mattox doubts he did commit this particular one. "Knowingly executing a man for a crime he did not commit will damage our prosecutors' reputation," Mattox said.

June 17, 1998 - Andrew Cunanan - Minneapolis police concluded that David Madson, Andrew Cunanan's second victim, was not involved in the slaying of Jeffrey Trail. Authorities originally to the murder because Trai was found bludgeoned to death in Madson's Minneapolis apartment. Police and prosecutors they never had direct evidence linking Madson to the killing, and officially closed their investigation and cleared Madson's name.

June 17, 1998 - Drug Rampage in Sao Paulo - Three heavily armed men opened fire in a bar in the Francisco Morato neighborhood on the outskirts of Sao Paulo while people were celebrating Brazil's 3-0 victory over Morocco in the World Cup. Eleven people died -- including three women -- and three others were seriously wounding. Police said they believe the killings were drug related. They said most of the dead had been shot in the head.

June 16, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - Wearing a bulletproof vest, freckled-faced Kip Kinkel stood before a judge and heard all charges against him in a shooting rampage that left his parents and two classmates dead. Kinkel answered a soft "yes" when asked if his name and birthdate were correct on the indictment. His attorneys were granted more time to enter a plea.

June 16, 1998 - Quinshawn Booker - The 14-year-old boy accused of opening fire in a high school hallway will be charged as an adult and could face as many as 70 years in prison. Quinshawn Booker faces six felony counts and a misdemeanor for the shooting. During his 10-minute appearance today in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, he was ordered held until a preliminary hearing July 1.

June 15, 1998 - High School Shooting in Virginia - A 14-year-old student opened fire with a pistol in the hallway of Armstrong High School in Richmond, Virginia, wounding a basketball coach and a volunteer aide. The injuries weren't life-threatening, doctors said. Several students were in the hallway at the time of the shooting, and investigators believe one of them was the intended target. The shooting followed an argument earlier in the day between two groups of students.

June 13, 1998 - Charles Manson - Cult icon Charles Manson was transferred back to Corcoran State Prison after serving a disciplinary sentence in Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City for peddling drugs to fellow inmates.

June 12, 1998 - Spokane Serial Killer - A badly decomposed body discovered in a wooded area near Spokane has authorities thinking that a suspected serial killer may have struck again. Spokane police say the remains were so badly decomposed that they were not even able to tell the gender of the victim.

June 13, 1998 - Luke Woodham - Nerd rampager Luke Woodham was found guilty of killing his two classmates. "I am sorry for the people I killed and the people I hurt," Woodham told the courtroom after being sentenced to two life sentences plus 20 years. "The reason you don't see any more tears is I have been forgiven by God," he added. Woodham said his crime was "sick and evil. If they could have given the death penalty in this case, I deserve it."

June 12, 1998 - AUM Shirinkyo - Takashi Tomita, a former member of the AUM Shirinkyo cult was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the deaths of seven people in a 1994 nerve gas attack in central Japan. Tomita, 40, admitted driving a vehicle equipped with a nerve-gas spraying device to a dormitory for court officials in Matsumoto. But he insisted he did not know the gas was lethal. The court, however, convicted him of conspiracy to commit murder.

June 11, 1998 - Luke Woodham - Nerd killer Luke Woodham testified in court that he opened fire on his Pearl High School classmates after becoming involved in satanism. Against his lawyers' advice, Woodham took the stand after a defense psychologist told jurors the 17-year-old boy was legally insane under Mississippi law when he rampaged through Pearl High School.

June 11, 1998 - Geoffrey Ferguson - Disgruntled landlord Geoffrey Ferguson, from Powells Point, N.C., stared blankly in court as he was sentenced to life in prison for killing three tenants and two of their friends in a dispute over a bounced rent check. Ferguson, 47, was convicted in April of gunning down the men on April 18, 1995, after the tenants were late with their rent and thwarted his attempts to evict them. He then burned down his apartment house in Redding, CT, to cover up the murders. "May you rot from the inside out," Dale Gartrell told Ferguson. Ms. Gartell's 25-year-old son, David, was one of the friends killed.

June 11, 1998 - Infanticide in Montreal - An unemployed immigrant from Peru living in Montreal surrendered to police after strangling his three children when his cancer-stricken wife lapsed into a coma at a hospital. Police discovered the man's children -- ages 2, 9 and 14 -- in the family's Montreal apartment. The family moved to Canada two years ago from Peru, where the father was a police officer. Friends said the man's wife supported the family through a scholarship she received to do post-graduate studies in chemistry.

June 10, 1998 - Vadim Yershov - Red Army army deserter Vadim Yershov fainted when he was sentenced to death for raping, robbing and stabbing 19 people. Yershov, 25, was sentenced by a military tribunal in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

June 10, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - The three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco temporarily blocked the release of Teddy K.'s psychiatric report and scheduled oral arguments on the case for June 30. Quin Denvir, Teddy K.'s lawyer, said the document should remain confidential because it contained private, potentially embarrassing information about Kaczynski's family members. The report was written in January by Dr. Sally Johnson, a federal prison psychiatrist who interviewed Ted in prison to determine his sanity.

June 9, 1998 - Luke Woodham - A jury of 15 people was selected for the trial of Luke Woodham. Circuit Judge Samac Richardson seated the panel of nine females and six males, which includes three alternates. About 80 people were questioned before the jury was selected.

June 8, 1998 - Luke Woodham - Prosecutors refused to accept Luke Woodham's offer of admitting that he pulled the trigger at Pearl High School. They want the jury to know every grisly detail of his rampage. Had they agreed, there would be no need for traumatized and wounded students to identify Woodham as the gunman. The trial would have gone straight to testimony about whether Woodham was sane at the time of the killings.

Rankin County District Attorney John Kitchens said he refused the deal because the jury should hear the story of the entire episode from the mouths of the teens it terrified. Woodham, carrying a Bible as he arrived for processing at the courthouse, told reporters, "I have something to live for now." what that might be, we are not quite sure.

June 7, 1998 - Charles Ng - A man who was to play a pivotal role in the trial of accused serial killer Charles Ng has died in a car accident in Calgary, Canada.

June 7, 1998 - Rwandan Genocide - A court has convicted 35 people of genocide and sentenced them to life in prison in the largest mass trial yet stemming from the country's 1994 Rwandan slaughter. The defendants were among a group of 51 brought to trial in March as part of the government's effort to speed up proceedings for 130,000 people packed into Rwandan jails and accused of a variety of genocide-related crimes. Since the first genocide trial in December 1996, Rwandan courts have convicted more than 350 people; a third have been sentenced to death.

June 7, 1998 - Darrel K. Harris - A former prison guard was sentenced to death today for murdering three people, making him the first person in New York to receive a death sentence since the state revived capital punishment. Jurors deliberated 22 hours over four days before deciding that Darrel K. Harris, 40, should die by lethal injection for murdering three people in a failed 1996 robbery of an illegal social club.

June 7, 1998 - Possible Transvestite Killer in El Salvador - Seven gay transvestites and a female prostitute have been shot to death in El Salvador in the past six weeks but police appear little interested in their investigation. A police chief told a local radio station the murders could be the work of a serial killer but added they were still under investigation.

June 7, 1998 - Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Like many other serial killers, it seems that Dr. Death is now getting into mutilation murder. Dr. Jack Kevorkian offered up for transplant the kidneys of a quadriplegic man who committed suicide with his help. The former pathologist would not say who removed the organs or where they were being kept. The kidney removal followed protocol for organ transplant, including sterile conditions and testing for HIV, hepatitis B and C and other diseases.

After performing an autopsy on Joseph Tushkowski's body, medical examiner L.J. Dragovic ruled his death a homicide followed by post mortem mutilation. "They didn't remove his sweater. They just pulled it up, then cut the belly. This is not a situation to be compared with the highly skilled act of organ procurement surgery ... We're talking about a chopped-up body." Prosecutor David Gorcyca said Dr. K. and his assocciates could be charged with mutilating a corpse, which is a felony. But he added charges in this case are unlikely because Tushkowski's family has refused to cooperate.

June 5, 1998 - Henry Louis Wallace - North Carolina serial killer, Henry Louis Wallace, was married to a former prison nurse, Rebecca Torrijas, in a ceremony next to the execution chamber where he is to be put to death.

June 5, 1998 - Swaziland Needs Executioners - According to Chief Mowani Simulani, the Justice Minister of Swaziland, more than 500 people have applied for the post of state executioner. "Men and women from Europe and all over Africa want the job."

June 5, 1998 - Luke Woodham - After a five-day trial teen rampager Luke Woodham was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing and beating his mother to death. "I'm going to heaven now," said the handcuffed and shackled killer as he was led out of the courthouse. Now Luke faces a second trial for the school shooting which will start Monday. Hopefully this time the defense will come up with something better than blaming it on "100,000 demons."

June 4, 1998 - Wayne Williams - Two investigators of the widely publicized Atlanta missing and murdered children cases said again they believe convicted killer Wayne Williams is innocent. DeKalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey and Fulton County Police Chief Louis Graham, both Atlanta police homicide investigators at the time the rash of killings occurred in the early 1980s, made the assertions on "Dateline NBC." The state has also introduced evidence of 10 other murders, for which Williams was never indicted. Police ultimately blamed him for 24 deaths.

June 4, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - Lawyers for Teddy K. argued against making a psychiatrist's evaluation of the Unabomber public, saying that it contains private, potentially embarrassing information about Kaczynski's family.

June 4, 1998 - Terry Nichols - U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch citing that his actions "were a crime against the Constitution of the United States," sentenced Terry Nichols to life in prison. Matsch had indicated he would consider a lesser sentence if Nichols answered lingering questions about the bombing, but the grumpy assistant bomber refused to reveal new information about how he helped Tim McVeigh plan and pull off the Oklahoma City bombing.

June 4, 1998 - Luke Woodham - Mississippi high school rampager Luke Woodham claimed he was under the spell of "100,000 demons" -- conjured by Grant Boyette -- the morning he plunged a butcher knife into his mother. "I remember I woke up that morning and I'd seen demons that I always saw when Grant told me to do something. They said I was nothing and I would never be anything if I didn't get to that school and kill those people."

June 3, 1998 - Keith Jesperson - Confessed serial killer Keith Jesperson, 42, in a plea bargain that allowed him to avoid the death penalty, admitted to the 1995 strangulation of hitchhiker Angela Subrize, 21, at a truck stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Jesperson is already serving three life sentences in Oregon.

June 3, 1998 - Douglas Edward Gretzler - Rampager Douglas Edward Gretzler -- who had been on death row since November 15, 1976 -- was executed by lethal injection in Arizona's first daytime execution. Gretzler, 47, who along with mental hospital escapee Willie Luther Steelman, confessed to killing 17 people during a week long rampage through Arizona and northern California. Asked if he had any last words, Gretzler said: "From the bottom of my soul, I'm so deeply sorry and have been for years for murdering Michael and Patricia Sandberg.... Though I am being executed for that crime, I apologize to all 17 victims and their families."

June 2, 1998 - Terry Nichols - Dr. James S. Gordon , a defense psychiatrist, said Terry Nichols should be given a short prison sentence for the Oklahoma City bombing because he's not a threat to society. "It is clear he is a kind of libertarian and that he resents government interference in his private life. There is, however, no evidence that he is fanatical or was ever particularly preoccupied about Waco -- in the way that Tim McVeigh was," Gordon wrote.

June 2, 1998 - Luke Woodham - In the first day of testimony in the trial of the death of his 50-year-old mother, Luke Woodham wept as he watched himself on video saying he killed his mother because "She always never loved me."

May 29, 1998 - Leslie Van Houten - The California Board of Prison Terms took 20 minutes to deny parole to former Mansonite flower child, Leslie Van Houten. This was the 10th consecutive denial for the former honor student and high school cheerleader despite testimony she has been a model prisoner, earning two college degrees and starting her own website while incarcerated.

She also admitted to the Board her part in LaBianca murders and said she regrets her actions. "Its harder to live with; as the years go on it gets harder." Van Houten is being held at the California Institution for Women in Frontera.

May 27, 1998 - AUM Shirinkyo - Japanese police said they unearthed eight cylinders containing 160 kg of hydrogen fluoride hidden on a mountain by members of the Aum Shinrikyo Investigators believed members of the sect buried the chemical in an attempt to conceal evidence the group produced sarin.

May 27, 1998 - Hank Earl Carr - Two weeks before Hank Earl Carr's shooting rampage, Bernice Bowen, his girlfriend, signed an agreement promising to keep him away from her two children. Because she instead allowed him to live with them, Bernice has now been charged with two counts of child abuse.

May 27, 1998 - Michael Carneal - High school rampager Michael Carneal admitted in a videotaped interview with detectives that he had talked and traded e-mails with a schoolmate -- Toby Nace -- about bringing weapons to school. One e-mail from Nace cryptically refers to the "timing of the event in the hall." Curiously, investigators confirmed that Carneal admitted to burglarizing a gun safe at Nace's house around Thanksgiving and that he took from it the gun used in the killings.

May 27, 1998 - The Lefranc Family - A French White Trash family of inbreds, the Lefrancs have been accused murdering several babies, the offspring of an incestuous relationship between the daughter and her three brothers. Earth moving equipment have been brought in to excavate the garden of their squalid home in the village of Illies, near Lille, in northern France, where authorities expect to find the remains of the murdered babies.

May 27, 1998 - Murder-Suicide in Gurnee, Illinois - A married couple and two children were found shot to death inside a home, in what authorities believe to be a murder-suicide. The children, a fourth-grade girl and an eighth-grade boy, belonged to the woman, authorities said. A 2-year-old boy found apparently unharmed in the home was the couple's only biological child.

Robert Jones, the police chief in this town 36 miles north of downtown Chicago, said detectives were focusing on the husband as a suspect. Neighbors said the man was a Navy veteran who served in the Gulf War. They said he had been having some financial trouble, but it didn't appear to be serious.

May 26, 1998 - AUM Shirinkyo - Doomsday cult leader Ikuo Hayashi, 51, was spared the death penalty after being found guilty of murder in the nerve gas attack that killed 12 people on Tokyo's subways. In an unusually lenient sentence, Hayashi, a heart surgeon, was sentenced to life in prison, which means he will be able to apply for parole in about 20 years. In handing down the verdict Judge Megumi Yamamuro said Hayashi was criminally responsible for his actions but had shown he was sorry.

May 25, 1998 - Intermittent Explosive Disorder - With six instances of rampaging students in schools over the nation in the past six months, experts and psychologist are trying to explain the emerging phednomenon. In fact, they have coined a new term to classify this kind of schoolyard behavior: Intermittent Explosive Disorder. All occurences of IED seem to have taken place in predominantly white, semi-rural, middle-class school districts with no history of violent crime couple with easy access to high-powered weapons.

In related news, authorities placed Kinkel on suicide watch at a juvenile detention facility, where he was being monitored by closed-circuit television and dressed in paper clothes to keep him from hanging himself.

May 24, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - Police disclosed that high school rampager Kip Kinkel lunged at an officer with a knife when he was taken to the police station. Apparently Kinkel had a hunting knife taped to his leg that escaped notice when he was arrested. When he arrived at the station the handcuffed freckle-faced killer was briefly placed in an interviewing room while his accompanying officer left briefly to secure his weapon. When he returned returned, Kinkel somehow got hold of the knife and lunged at the officer. The officer stepped back and pepper sprayed the teenager.

May 23, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - President Clinton, commenting on the string of deadly school shootings sweeping the nation, blamed it on violent movies and video games. "We must face up to the fact that these (school shootings) are more than isolated incidents," Clinton said in his weekly radio address. "They are symptoms of a changing culture that desensitizes our children to violence." Perhaps, Billy, you should stop inhaling and blaming Hollywood, and recognize that without readily available weapons none of these shootings would ever occur.

May 22, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - Bomb squad officers cordoned off the home of Kip Kinkel as five homemade bombs were found inside, three with electronic timing devices, one of which was hidden under his mother's corpse. As more of his classmates are interviewed by authorities and the media a picture has emerged of a gun-obsessed teenager and future serial-killer-in-the-making emerged. Called "Most Likely to Start World War III" in middle-school, Kip was said to have bragged about building bombs and boasted of blowing up cats and a cow.

May 22, 1998 - Donato Bilancia - Italian police released the lurid 14-page confession of Donato Bilancia, the feared Riviera Serial Killer. In it Bilancia calmly recounts in detail how he murdered a gas station attendant, two goldsmiths, two bureau de change operators, two women in train bathrooms, three security guards, four prostitutes, an underworld gambling figure and his wife, and a fellow gambler.

May 22, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - As 15-year-old Kipland Kinkel went before a judge, a second student was confirmed dead from head wounds suffered in the Springfield school rampage. According to a hospital spokewoman, Ben Walker, 16, died at McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, where he had been on life support since yesterday's morning rampage.

May 21, 1998 - Eric Matthews - After being arrested in Chicago, 24-year-old Eric Matthews confessed to killing his stepson, his wife and two other women. The stepson, 1 1/2-year-old James, was found dead in a trash bin in New Orleans, Louisiana. At first he said he dropped the kid at a hospital, but later admitted strangling the boy in a fit of rage, then confessed to a couple of rapes and the murders of his wife and two ex-girlfriends.

May 21, 1998 - Kipland P. Kinkel - A day after being expelled from school for bringing a gun to class, Kipland Kinkel returned to Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, and opened fire in the cafeteria, killing one person and wounding at least eight others. Fifteen more people were injured trying to escape the mayhem. An hour and a half later investigators discovered at his home the bodies of his parents whom he apparently killed before heading to Thurston High.

May 21, 1998 - Hank Earl Carr - Authorities believe that Hank Carr was able to break lose and kill the two detectives that were driving him to jail, because he had a key in his possession that opened handcuffs.

May 21, 1998 - Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Doctor Death was at it again, this time in suburban Detroit. Dr. Jackie K. left the body Emma Kassa, 68, at the Oakland County Medical Examiner where he was arrested less than a month ago after a scuffling with police. Mrs. Kassa, of Xenia, Ohio, suffered from terminal brain and lung cancer. Authorities ruled the death a homicide caused by an intravenous injection. No charges were filed against the death-dealing retired pathologist.

May 20, 1998 - "The Butcher of Mons" - Belgian Police in the city of Ranst found 5 human heads and skeletal remains of what could be 7 bodies in a container. Officials fear that it could be the resurfacing of the "The Butcher of Mons," a fastidiously elusive killer who last year dumped 30 bags containing body parts of at least three women in places around Mons with emotive names.

May 19, 1998 - Hank Earl Carr - With three officers dead as well as a young boy and a repeat offender, the town of Brooksville, near Tampa, will remember May 19, 1998, as one of the deadliest days in the Florida's law enforcement history. It all began when Hank's stepson allegedly shot his face off while playing with a loaded rifle. When homicide detectives questioned him about the accident, they became suspicious and decided to haul him downtown. On the way Hank managed to wiggle out of handcuffs and shoot the two detectives dead. Later, after killing another officer he committed suicide in a Shell station.

May 19, 1998 - Crime Archives Search - Finally, the feature you all clamored for: the Crime Archives Search Engine. This JavaScript-based search engine has more than 500 killers databased and cross-referenced using a variety of key words. Unlike the usual cgi search engines on the net, the Crime Archives Search looks for exact matches. For best results we recommend you use single words and short word combinations.

May 17, 1998 - Jose Lazaro Bouchana - Police in Mexico City arrested 40-year-old subway driver Jose Lazaro Bouchana for allegedly raping and killing at least three women whose bodies were found buried in the patio of his house.

May 17, 1998 - Charles Ng - Reversing his decision from a month ago, Superior Court Judge John Ryan said he now believes that Charles Ng sincerely wants to represent himself and is not just trying to delay the beginig of his trial for 12 counts of murder. "Although I'm reluctant to do it, Mr. Ng, I think it would be an error not to grant your request," Ryan said. Waving his right to appeal the outcome of the trial on the grounds of incompetent legal counsel, Ng told the judge he would try his best to be ready for the trial which is set to begin September 1st./P>

May 15, 1998 - Donato Bilancia - Enrico Franchini told reporters at the court in Genoa that his client, Donato Bilancia, confessed to a string of slayings in the Italian Riviera, saying he was mentally ill, suddenly flipped and could not explain his 90-day long serial killing spree.

May 15, 1998 - Heriberto "Eddie" Seda - The trial of New York's Zodiac began in a Queen's borough courtroom with the defendant demanding new lawyers. Seda -- who is on trial for three counts murders from the early 1990s -- was so visiby distraught that State Supreme Court Judge Robert hanophy threatened to put him in restraints.

May 15, 1998 - AUM Shrinkyo - Tomoko Matsumoto, 39, the wife of Shoko Asahara, was jailed for seven years for participating with her her husband in the plotting of the murder a fellow cult member.

May 15, 1998 - Dr. Jack Kevorkian - An 86-year-old Michigan woman who died in the presence of Dr. Jack Kevorkian was killed by cyanide poisoning. The Oakland County medical examiner who autopsied her body, Dr. L.J. Dragovic, said that the poisoning was by an intravenous injection and ruled the death a homicide. Dragovic said it was the first time he knew of a Kevorkian-linked death in which cyanide was used. Kevorkian, who has acknowledged being involved in more than 100 deaths since beginning his assisted suicide campaign in 1990, more commonly uses carbon monoxide gas or potassium chloride.

May 15, 1998 - Alejandro Perez de la Rosa - Mexico City's lethal chauffeur, Alejandro Perez de la Rosa, was sentenced to 118 years in prison for the 1996 murder of the couple who employed -- a writer and a journalist -- him and their three children. Judge Jose Eligio Rodriguez Alba said the 118-year sentence was a symbolic gesture because of the brutality of the crime, even though Mexican law allows only a 50-year sentence. His two other accomplices Martin Hernandez, another chauffeur, and a maid, Josefina Hernandez, are still at large

May 14, 1998 - Glen Rogers - Florida Supreme Court ruled that alleged serial killer Glen Rogers , who has already been sentenced to death in Florida for the stabbing death of Tina Marie Cribbs, can be extradited to face another murder charge in California. Rogers was indicted in California in July 1997 on charges of first-degree murder and arson for the murder of Sandra Gallagher in Van Nuys. Florida agreed to extradite him for a trial in September on condition that he will return to Florida afterward to await his date with Old Sparky, Florida's temperamental electric chair.

May 14, 1998 - Donato Bilancia - Prosecutors in Genoa said they now have evidence linking a Donato Bilancia to the killing of two women on trains around the Italina Riviera. Sources close to investigation confirmed that prosecutors had found gunpowder on the clothes of the two women shot dead in the toilets of trains to the crime scenes of the six murdered prostitutes.

May 11, 1998 - Martin Bryant - The world's most prolific lone rampager, Australia's Martin Bryant, was attacked by an inmate inside of Risdon prison. Though not seriously injured, the mass murderer suffered bruises to the head and neck areas after he sexually taunted his attacker.

May 11, 1998 - Riviera Serial Killer - A 30-year-old Russian woman is under investigation as a possible accomplice to the suspected Riviera serial killer. In related news authorities have linked Donato Bilancia, the 47-year-old gambler arrested May 8 for the murder of a Nigerian prostitute near his parents' home outside Genoa, to at least 18 murders over the past two years.

May 11, 1998 - Grant Boyette - Authorities released from jail for the second time the alleged mastermind of the fatal shootings at Pearl High School in Mississippi. With the release of 19-year-old Grant Boyette, only the alleged gunman Luke Woodham remains in custody. Boyette was charged with two counts of conspiracy to murder and accessory to murder before the fact. Authorities believe he helped plan the schoolhouse shooting spree that killed the two girls and wounded seven other students.

May 10, 1998 - Everett C. Cobb - Two days after his ex-wife remarried, an "over-jealous" former police captain from Russellville, Tennessee, set fire to her mobile home, then fatally shot her, her new husband and their friend. After the shootings, Everett C. Cobb, 52, went to a nearby field and killed himself. Authorities said Cobb apparently had been depressed for weeks about the upcoming marriage of his former wife Joyce, 55, to Michael Newberry, 40. Cobb, who had been a deputy in Russellville for six years until 1983, was forced to resign after he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

May 9, 1998 - Murder Suicide in Belleville, Illinois - Four badly decomposed bodies were found in the living room of a home in Belleville, Illinois, in what authorities believe was a triple homicide and suicide. The bodies of a man, his wife and their two young daughters were by police who had been called to the home by the man's parents after no one had heard from the family in more than two weeks. St. Clair County Coroner Rick Stone said it appeared the man killed his wife and two daughters before killing himself. They all apparently died of gunshot wounds about two weeks ago, he said.

May 8, 1998 - Riviera Serial Killer - The paramilitary police in Genoa announced a the arrest of a 47-year-old gambler described as "unstable", over the recent serial killing spree terrorizing the Italian Riviera after DNA tests tied him to one of the murders. Donato Bilancia -- who has a criminal record for illegal arms possession, robbery, gambling and kidnapping offences, and for holding up a prostitute with a gun in 1990 -- has been arrested only for the March 29 murder of Tessy Edsohe, a Nigerian prostitute.

May 8, 1998 - Thomas Kimbell - A jury at Lawrence County Courthouse in New Castle, PA, sentenced to death mass murderer Thomas "Hank" Kimbell for the savage killings of a 34 year old women, her two daughters and her niece.

May 8, 1998 - "El Depredador of Ciudad Juarez" - Ten members of a mostly teenage gang were arrested for the rapes and murders of at least 50 women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Each week, they allegedly chose by lottery a killer who beat the victim's face with a pipe.

May 7, 1998 - John Leonard Orr - Whoever said that reality was not stranger than fiction did not live in Los Angeles. John Leonard Orr, a former fire department Captain and admitted serial arsonist, is now on trial for four arson murders in a 1984 hardware store fire. Even stranger is the fact that Orr had written a manuscript -- "Points of Origin" -- about an arsonist who torches businesses across California. The book was discovered when he was arrested in 1991. /P>

May 7, 1998 - Mitchell Johnson - According to Tom Furth, Mitchell Johnson's former lawyer, other students as well as a guidance counselor and perhaps a teacher were warned of the Jonesboro schoolyard sniper attack. "An 11-year-old and 13-year-old don't plan something like this without talking about it or without other people being involved," Furth said. "It's our understanding that there were a couple other children who knew about this."

May 7, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - According to U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. Teddy K. faked an argument with his lawyers and staged an attempted suicide to improve his chances of striking a deal with prosecutors and avoiding the death penalty. Painting a completely different picture of the luddite bomber, Burrell said Ted employed "strategies that enabled him to delay the trial proceedings and to improve his settlement prospects with the government," and made a conscious decision "to employ trickery" so that a jury would never have to hear the details of his crime spree.

May 7, 1998 - Thomas Kimbell Jr. - Crack addict Thomas Kimbell Jr., was found guilty of killing a mother, her two daughters and a cousin in a rage over his craving for drugs. Kimbell, 36, turned to his family and said, "I told you," after the verdict was read. Prosecutors said Kimbell was coming down from crack and looking for drugs and/or money when he was spotted near Bonnie Dryfuse's mobile home outside Pittsburgh the day of the June 1994 bloodbath.

May 6, 1998 - Efren Saldivar Authorities at Glendale Adventist Medical Center announced seven "suspicious" deaths of patients who may have been treated by Efren Saldivar, the self-professed mercy killer. Saldivar, who confessed to more than 40 murders and later recanted in television interviews, was only circumstantially linked to the seven deaths. "If Efren cared for someone and was in the room, and a few hours later the person passed away, we would consider that suspicious."

May 6, 1998 - Bai Baoshan - Mainland China's only known serial killer, Bai Baoshan, 39, was executed in the north-western region of Xinjiang. Bai was found guilty of killing 14 people and had been named public enemy No 1 for his rampage.

May 6, 1998 - Moscow Lethal Carjackers - Moscow police found 10 bodies buried in asphalt under an auto repair company. Between January and March, the lethal gang of carjackers terrorized Moscow with a series of deadly assaults on people driving Mercedes and Cherokees.

May 5, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - Authorities shipped Mr. K. to the famous Supermax prison, a $60 million high tech marvel in Colorado that houses some of the nation's most dangerous criminals. However, the fate of the famous Unabom cabin remains uncertain. Although technically it still belong to Ted's family, David K. and his mother are considering auctioning it and giving the profits to the surviving victims and their families.

May 4, 1998 - Theodore Kaczynski - U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. formally sentenced confessed luddite Bomber Teddy K. to four life terms plus 30 years for his 20 plus reign of anti-technology terror. Not one to take things calmly, the 55-year-old ex-math professor said that the government "discredited (him) personally." He added that in a future date he will respond (in writing, we assume) to the misrepresentation leveled against him and his political ideas.

As Kaczynski began to speak, the family of his last victim, Sacramento timber lobbyist Gilbert Murray, stood up and walked out of the courtroom en masse. Susan Mosser, the wife of another victim added: "Make this sentence bulletproof -- bombproof, if you will. Don't let him murder justice the way he murdered my husband. Lock him so far down that when he dies he will be closer to hell."

May 3, 1998 - The Bodo Tribe in India - A mob of Bodo tribesmen ambushed a bus carrying members the Santhal tribe in India's northeastern Assam state. Of the 50 people on board, 13 were hacked to death and five others were injured. Police said the massacre could have been an act of revenge for the killings of three Bodo men in April by Santhals. In 1996 the bitter rivalry between the two tribes provoked widespread rioting that left at least 200 people dead.

May 1, 1998 - Henry Lee Lucas - Although Henry Lee Lucas confessed to hundreds of killings, Texan officials now believe he did not commit the murder for which he is set to executed. The Houston Chronicle reported that neither Attorney General Dan Morales nor his predecessor believe Lucas killed the female hitchhikker known only as "Orange Socks." However, there is no indication that anyone in the Gobernor's office will attempt to stop the scheduled June 30 execution.

May 1, 1998 - Sylathum Antwan Streeter, Curtis Shuler & Victor Lester - Three teen-age boys in central Florida went on a one-hour shooting rampage, killing a woman in a car and wounding seven other people. The suspects, Sylathum Antwan Streeter, 16, Curtis Shuler 16, and Victor Lester 17, were arrested and charged with the shootings and a separate slaying three days earlier.

The rampage began when the lethal high school students -- wearing sky masks -- jumped from a car and opened fire on a couple in another car. Then two more people were reported shot in a vehicle at a stop sign. Christy Large, 21, was killed in the attack. Later the murderous teen gang went to a motel near Haines City, where they opened fire on five family members -- two girls, ages 10 and 15, and their mother, aunt and uncle -- from Hinesville, Georgia, who had just checked in for a family reunion.

March-April, 1998 - Morgue Archives - For previous entries to the Morgue check in the casualties filling the archives.


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