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Live from the Internet Crime Archives, "Teenage Rampage: The Worldwide Youth Crime Explosion." by Antonio Mendoza, author and creator of Mayhem.net. Published by Virgin Books. Available starting December 2002. Find Amazon.Com, Amazon.co.uk or Barnes & Noble, or in the True Crime section of your favorite bookstore.

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"I think you should list some of the victims names so to bring the reality of the human loss clearly into the picture. It is ironic and sad, relating back to something Ted Bundy said -- 'what's one less human on the planet' -- that we will never know what these individuals may have contributed to the world because they were stolen from it."

Breaking News: Has Intermittent Explosive Disorder gone global? Is Willie Pickton responsible for the missing Vancouver Sex Trade Workers? Up close and personal with the DC Sniper Team. Is Green River Gary the elusive Green River Killer? Timothy McVeigh 168, the Federal Government, 1. Infanticide in Clear Lake, Texas. Henry Lee Lucas, R.I.P. For more late-breaking news check the Morgue.

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