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Be the first one in your block to own a copy by purchasing it from Amazon.Com or Barnes & Noble, or in the True Crime section of your favorite bookstore. "Killers on the Loose" is a worldwide look at unsolved cases of serial murder published by Virgin Books. Those familiar with the Mayhem web site will recognize several cases in the book that have been featured here in The Morgue pages and in more detail in the Killers at Large section. Still, there is plenty of new information in the book for all serial crime aficionados.

This is the first book written by me, Antonio Mendoza, and first to come out of the Internet Crime Archives. Here's the Table of Content so you can get a taste of the cases at hand. "Killers on the Loose" -- and other crime titles from Virgin -- will be available at this web site through Amazon or some other online book distributor. Presently Amazon feels that it would not be "mutually beneficial" to be partnered with Mayhem.Net. I guess it's a badge of honor to be deemed unworthy by the online giant. Still, we will pursue the partnership with Amazon only because it's the most convenient way to sell books online.

Table of Content

Ciudad Juarez, City of the Dead - This baffling case involving the deaths of more than 187 female victims in Ciudad Juarez, a border town next to El Paso, has Mexican Federales on the lookout for one or more serial killers. Authorities suspect the majority of the women were killed by known assailants, including pimps, drug dealers, husbands and boyfriends. However, up to 35 killings are unexplained and police have no suspects. Several men have been arrested and confessions have been beaten out of them. The death toll continues unabated.

Spokane Serial Killer - A "high-risk" lifestyle involving prostitution, drugs, or both, has characterized the victims of the suspected Spokane Serial Killer. According to the special task force assigned to the case, eight women have been slain in the Spokane area and two others with similar profiles have been murdered in Tacoma. The task force is looking into possible links with 17 other unsolved killings of women in the area since 1984 -- the year the Green River Killer vanished.

The Green River Killer - Between 1982 and 1984 the Green River Killer tallied 49 kills in the Seattle-Tacoma area, then vanished without a trace. Experts believe he may be dead, may have relocated, may be incarcerated for an unrelated crime, or institutionalized for mental illness. But no one involved in this case believes the perpetrator has "retired" from murder. Currently, authorities are investigating the possibility that he may be linked to the recent rash of killings in San Diego, Spokane, Vancouver and Portland.

Possible Vancouver Serial Killer - Though they have no bodies or hard evidence, civic leaders in Vancouver suspect a serial killer is responsible for the disappearance of more than 29 local sex-trade workers. Police, stumped by the disappearances, have been reluctant to acknowledge the existence of killer. In an attempt to keep track of local sex-trade workers, two agencies started recording personal details of the prostitutes that would give police clues if the women disappeared. After much debate local business leaders decided to donate cell phones to the prostitutes and asked to them call in occasionally to let authorities know they were still breathing.

Cluster Killings in New Orleans - Authorities suspect one or several serial killers are responsible for the abductions and brutal strangulation of 24 women whose bodies have been found dumped in swamp areas outside New Orleans. To date, two suspects have been arrested. One, a police officer, was released for lack of evidence and put on temporary leave from the department. The other is awaiting his release from custody after an investigating officer was caught planting evidence against him.

Spotsylvania Child Killer - In the summer of 1997 three girls from Spotsylvania, a small town 30 miles north of Richmond, Virginia, disappeared from their homes after school, leaving behind no signs of a struggle. Authorities believe the girls were victims of a local serial killer. The three victims had dark hair and slim, athletic builds, and lived within a ten-mile radius of each other.

Serial Killing in Chicago - Chicago authorities issued a citywide warning about four separate predators stalking the windy city's South Side. Since 1993 the killers - identified by their DNA profiles - have claimed at least 13 lives. The victims have been mostly crack-addicted prostitutes who were strangled and/or bludgeoned to death and left inside abandoned buildings.

Lustmord in Los Angeles - Authorities believe there are two killers hunting black prostitutes in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. One, the South Side Slasher has killed at least 15 "strawberries" (crack-addicted prostitutes) in the South Central area. The second is suspected of strangling six prostitutes from the Holt Avenue area in Pomona.

Operation Enigma - Scotland Yard's Operation Enigma, in which authorities reviewed 207 unsolved murders of women since 1986, concluded that four separate serial killers were stalking Britain. Enigma was launched after the top detectives in 43 police forces in England and Wales were alerted to the alarmingly high number of prostitutes and other types of "vulnerable women" being murdered.

South Dublin Killer - Irish police have called the FBI for help profiling a suspected serial killer responsible for the disappearance of six women. Four of the "missing six," all aged between 17 and 26, vanished within a 30-mile area of the Wicklow and Dublin mountains, south of the Irish capital. Police originally dismissed suggestions that there was an active serial killer, but, after the disappearance of an 18-year-old student teacher in broad daylight, officers launched a special task force to investigate the killings.

The Butcher of Mons - Belgium's Butcher of Mons has been leaving garbage bags with the dismembered remains of his female victims in places with emotive names like the River Haine (Hate), the Chemin de l'Inquietude (the Path of Worry), and the River Trouille (Jitters). Authorities are baffled by this taunting killer who is thought to be a surgeon or butcher due to the "remarkable precision" he has demonstrated in dismembering his prey.

The Lisbon Ripper - Young, drug-dependent prostitutes have been the victims of a Portuguese serial killer dubbed "The Lisbon Ripper." Authorities think he may be responsible for the murders of at least nine women in five different countries: Portugal, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark and The Netherlands. Because of the itinerant nature of these crimes, police think the killer may be a truck driver with a pathological hatred of women who might have also been active in New Bedford, Massachusetts, before returning to Portugal.

Rome's Gay Serial Killer - Italian authorities believe there is a serial killer in Rome targeting influential gay men. There have been 20 homosexual murders in the city in the last seven years of which onlhy ten have been solved. Many of the deaths are attributed to a new breed of violent male hustlers populating the streets of Rome. However, the deaths of an American intellectual, a Florentine aristocrat and an art restorer in Umbria are suspected of being the work of a possible serial killer.

The Psychopath - Costa Rican police believe a mysterious serial killer known as "The Psychopath" is responsible for at least 19 cold-hearted murders. Stumped by a decade of random attacks, Costa Rican police asked the FBI for help in tracking their serial killer. "The Psychopath" preys on young couples in secluded parks in an area known as San Jose's "Triangle of Death." The killer often waits for the couples to start making love before shooting at them with a high-caliber rifle. Authorities believe the killer could be a "Rambo" type former soldier or police officer, or the son of a wealthy politician or landowner.

The Highway Maniac - Since 1997 Argentina's "Highway Maniac" has claimed at least five lives. All victims have been prostitutes who were strangled or had their throats slit. Their nude bodies were found along highways around the Argentinean city of Mar de Plata. Some of the victims had their genitals mutilated; one had the word "Puta" (whore) carved on her chest. Police have six suspects but no evidence linking them to any of the crimes. Five more prostitutes are missing and presumed dead at the hands of the killer.

Jack the Butcher - There is a ruthless serial killer roaming the streets of Belize City who has raped, murdered and mutilated at least four young girls. Being the first case of serial killing in the nation, local police have proven to be inadequately prepared to deal with the situation, and have called on the FBI and Scotland Yard for help.

The Perth Serial Killer - A suspected serial killer is believed to have murdered three women in the Australian city of Perth. The victims were abducted outside a popular nightspot in the affluent suburb of Claremont. Their bodies were later were found 20 to 40 miles from the city. Police believe the killer enjoys to drive, because of the long distances he covers to bury the bodies. Strangely, he also enjoys washing his car after each killing.

South African Serial Killers - South Africa is fast becoming the serial sex-crime epicenter of the world, with up to five separate serial killers active today. One, the "Cape Town Strangler" is responsible for killing about 20 women. Another, the "Nasrec Strangler" is believed to have strangled 15 women. Leading both investigations is famed female psychologist Dr. Micki Pistorious who has successfully profiled several other local serial killers.

Epilogue - Science and technology have made huge strides in the detection and identification of serial killers. In current investigations throughout the United States detectives are relying heavily on DNA databanks and computerized systems like VICAP to shift out possible serial killers. But the slaughter continues on unabated. New serial patterns are emerging in Denver, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and France. While many other spots in the globe are grappling with uncaught serial predators. Is there any way to stop the mayhem? How many more roaming maniacs lusting for blood are still out there undetected and unknown?

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