The Salcido Family
Ramón Salcido's life was rapidly unraveling. He thought his wife Angela was having an affair with his boss, Tracey Toovey, a vintner at the Grand Cru Winery in Sonoma, California. To make matters worse, Angela was planning to leave him. He also suspected that he was not the father of his oldest daughter, Sophia.

After spending a night snorting cocaine and drinking, he packed his daughters in the car and went looking for Angela. Unable to find her he drove to a dump near Petaluma where he slit the girl's throats with a fishing knife. Sophia, 4, and Teresa, 1, died. Carmina, 3, the middle child survived and now lives with a family outside California.

He then went to his in-laws' house and clubbed to death his mother-in-law, Marion Richards. He also slit the throats of Marion's two youngest daughters, Ruth, 12, and Marie, 8, whom he sodomized and otherwise sexually assaulted. Next, he went back home where he found Angela and shot her to death. He drove off drinking champagne. He finished his busy day by killing his boss at the winery whom he suspected was having an affair with his wife.

After the killings he headed to his hometown of Los Mochis in Mexico to see his mother. There he was arrested by authorities and extradited to California to stand trial for his bloody rampage.

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