Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:

Age 11 Antonio Mendoza, a man of nameless obsessions, was born in Miami, Florida, August 17, 1960. In 1964 his family -- who had been exiled from Cuba -- relocated to Madrid, Spain, where he lived until 1979. In June, 1983, he received a degree in Semiotics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. In the fall of that year, he moved to Los Angeles where he hoped to land a job in the film industry. Instead, he landed on a friend's couch, started painting, and decided that a career as an artist was more his calling. Now he still lives in Los Angeles with his wife Deirdre, their daughter, Galatea, and their son, Cassio. Presently he is represented by Newspace Gallery and has written a book, "Killers on the Loose" for Virgin Publishing.

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