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Imagemap of hell

If your web page is any indication, I would judge psychosis to be an outburst of violent behavior, giving the perpetrator a sense of false power. This sense is intensified when the perp. sees reports of it on TV or in newspapers.

It is a destructive "power," so I believe it is the opposite of the creative power and the naturally aggressive behavior that we use to construct our day to day lives and our collective world.

It represents an abandonment of normal power and action and it indicates a profound weakness, an inability to deal with reality.

In an exact same manner, but with even more lethal results, nations of people go to war with each other in an outburst of mass psychosis.

This behavior is not indicative of "Man's True Nature" however, nor is "Satan" to be feared as a representation of it. For if it were, our civilized society would not have been possible and the normal framework of behavior would not exist.

Though we may sympathize with the traumatic childhood of some of them, many more endured similar circumstances to go on to lead successful lives.

Enough said about these scumbags!

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