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Thomas Hamilton: Known as "Mr. Creepy" by the boys in his neighborhood Hamilton disturbed fellow gun-club members by stroking his weapons and calling them his babies. In 1991 an attentive detective gave warning to the Procurator Fiscal that Hamilton was an unstable, deceitful and scheming man who posed a threat to children and should not have a gun licence. The detective noted that a child had made allegations that Hamilton had induced him to pose for photographs in compromising positions, scantily clad in ill-fitting swimming trunks. The photographs were never found. Senior officers decided to take no action over the warning, and a year later Hamilton's firearms certificate was renewed.
Theodore Kaczynski: This loner ex-math professor is suspected by the FBI of being the feared Unabomber. After his arrest on bomb-making charges FBI agents boxed up and shipped the reclusive genius' Montana cabin to the Malmstrom Air Force Base for safekeeping. A day before Associated Press reported that Kaczynski was being investigated by the San Francisco Police Department for any links to the Zodiac serial slayings in the late 1960s.
Ed Gein: No other cannibal or necrophile has had more films made based on their exploits. Gein is the genius behind such classics as Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacres I, II & III , Deranged and Three on a Meat Hook.
Richard Ramirez: Known as the "Night Stalker" for his fondness for the heavy metal band AC/DC, Richard used to break into random houses around LA and San Francisco for rape, murder and pillage. When he was handed the death penalty he told reporters escorting him out of court "See you in Disneyland" and waved a pentagram drawn on the palm of his hand.
Julio Gonzalez: After having a fight wih his girlfriend Lydia Julio purchased a buck's worth of gasoline and torched the Bronx's Happy Land Social Club killing 87 partiers inside.
Shoko Asahara: The portly, blind leader of the doomsday sect, Aum Supreme Truth, Shoko is presently on trial for the March 20, 1995 gas attack on five Tokyo subways that left 11 dead and more than 5,000 others sickened. During the opening of his trial he refused to enter a plea. As the proceedings moved on Shoko appeared to doze off and was nudged awake by one of his lawyers.
Ed Kemper: Ed's mom thought her son was a real weirdo. When he was a kid he enjoyed playing execution with his sister. He also enjoyed cutting the heads and hands off his sisters dolls. Years later he did the same to 10 women including his mother and her best friend.
John List: A deeply religious man, List had an extreme and distorted view of morality. He considered it immoral for his daughter to be in a play. His mother and wife Helen hated each other with a passion. Helen was obsessed with living in a mansion they couldn't really afford, but List bought it anyway, leading to deep financial problems, compounded by List's extremely unambitious approach to employment. She also suffered from syphillis, which was destroying her brain. With so much going wrong John decided to kill the whole lot and start anew under a new name. 17 years later he was arrested after being profiled in America's Most Wanted.
Peter Kurten: While leading a seemingly normal married life, Kurten became known as the "Vampire of Dusseldorf." Not only was he a rapist and a serial killer, he also enjoyed drinking blood and had a taste for cannibalism.
John Wayne Gacy: A sadistic child killer, Gacy made a habit of burying his victims in the crawlspace under his house. Eventually the smell did him in. While in jail he started a new career as a painter. His favorite subjects were clowns and Disney cartoons. After his execution in 1994 the prices of his works skyrocketed but forgeries flooded the market bringing them back down.
Bobby Joe Long: A distant cousin of Henry Lee Lucas, Bobby was blessed with an extra "X" chromosome that endowed him with tits. The extra amount of estrogen in his system made him into a very active lover. After suffering a motorcycle accident and sustaining brain damage Bobby's unbound sex drive led him to rape and murder.
Tex Watson: The triggerman for Charlie Manson, Tex became a born-again Christian once he was in jail and facing the death penalty. Fortunately for him, in 1972 the death penalty was revoked. Now Tex is a jailhouse preacher and claims to be completely rehabilitated and ready to rejoin society. Hopefully the parole board will see it differently.
Fritz Haarmann: A petty criminal, a pedophile and a vampire, Haarmann was known as the "Butcher of Hannover." He was beheaded for killing more than 27 boys and selling their flesh in his butcher shop.
David Berkowitz: Known as the "Son of Sam" in New York in the late 70s, Dave claimed that his murder rampage was ordered by his neighbor Sam's labrador. Some believe Berkowitz was the fall guy for a killing spree perpetrated by a satanic sect.
Jim Jones: The patron saint of apocalyptic culture. In a fit of madness, Jimmy, pictured here with a monkey, moved his People's Temple to Guana and created Jonestown. Like Captain Kurt in Joseph Conrad's The Heart of Darkness Jim lost his mind in his jungle utopia. He ordered his followers to commit ritual suicide and 900+ did by drinking poisoned cool-aid from a giant vat. As his minions dropped dead around him, Jimmy put a bullet through his brain.
Ottis Toole: Together with his sweetheart Henry Lee Lucas they confessed to over 500 deaths. Authorities believe that 200 death is a more realistic tally for these killer drifters.
Martin Bryant: On April 29, 1996, Martin intended to just go surfing. Instead he ended slaughtering 35 tourist in Port Arthur, Tasmania, and became the most prolific lone gunner in mass murdering history.
Myra Hindley: Myra and her boyfriend, fellow chemical factory worker Ian Brady, enjoyed Nazi paraphernalia, pornography, sadism and serial slaying. Their victims of choice were children whom they abducted, molested and murdered. They became known as the "Moors Murderers" because they left several of their victims buried in the Saddleworth Moor near Manchester. Myra, amused by their media moniker, wrote to Ian "I didn't kill any moors, did you?"
Albert Fish: The cannibal grandfather of New York. Fish enjoyed eating his victims so much he would later write letters to their parents telling them how good the kid tasted. At the time of his arrest police found in his room a collection of clippings about Fritz Haarmann, a fellow cannibal killer from Germany.
Jeffrey Dahmer: Once in jail, flesh eating Jeff became a born again Christian and gained a lot of weight. To break the monotony of prison life he used to tell the guards and other inmates, "I bite." Once he posted a sign on a prison bulletin board for a Cannibals Anonymous meeting. It was quickly removed.
Gerald Stano: A prickly bastard, Gerald liked cars, stereos and killing women. He tallied 41 dead "bitches" as a result of his deep resentment towards "a world of bitches."
Joseph Franklin: A racist slayer, Joseph is believed to have shot Hustler publisher and fifth amendment champion Larry Flynt for showing pictorials of interracial couples getting it on. Since the attempt on his life, Mr. Flynt has been paralysed from the waist down and rides around in a golden wheelchair.
Christopher Scarver: A convicted murderer on antipsychotic medication, Chris will go down in history as the man who beat Jeffrey Dahmer to death with a mop while cleaning the bathroom in maximum security.

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