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October 31, 1997 - Andras Pandy - Hungarian police found two girls and a boy who had on several ocassions impersonated the missing children of the suspect killer pastor Andras Pandy. "He took the children on family visits to relatives and friends in Hungary, who were then asked to send letters saying they had seen the children."

October 31, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Prosecutors said they will try to bar Theodore Kaczynski's lawyers from pleading insanity because the suspected mountain-man-bomber won't submit to the government's psychological testing. With the trial due to start in less than two weeks, defense lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. As part of their defense they plan to call expert witnesses to say that Kaczynski suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. On a happier note the Unabomber mask proved to be a crowd favorite in Halloween festivities nationwide.

October 30, 1997 - Hospital Satanist Scam - Five former staff members at the Spring Shadows Glen psychiatric hospital in Houston were indicted on charges they brainwashed patients into believing they had been in a satanic cult so they could bilk them of their money. The accused told a number of patients from 1991 to 1993 that they had multiple personalities resulting from participating in satanic rituals. Furthermore they told the patients they did not remember being in the cult because they had mentally blocked it out. Some patients came to believe their children had been sexually abused by the alleged cult and saw their families torn apart as a result.

October 30, 1997 - Susan Eubanks - In a bedside arraignment held in a hospital room Susan -- with tubes in her arms and down her throat -- pleaded not guilty to charges that she murdered her four sons. San Diego County Municipal Judge William Draper refused to set bail and scheduled a court hearing for November 21.

October 29, 1997 - Saber & Mahmoud Farahat Abu el-Ulla - An Egyptian military court sentenced Saber and Mahmoud Abu el-Ulla to death for a fiery attack that killed nine German tourists and an a bus driver outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. "God is great!" the brothers chanted after a judge read the verdict in the heavily guarded courtroom.

October 29, 1997 - Pakistani Bombers - Unidentified assailants threw a small bomb into the middle of a wedding party in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing 10 people and injuring 32 others The identities of the attackers were not known and there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the raid.

October 29, 1997 - Marc Dutroux - The European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens' Rights demanded the resignation of Belgium's judge, Melchior Wathelet, at the European Court of Justice for allowing the early release from prison of the paedophile and alleged child murderer Marc Dutroux five years ago.

October 29, 1997 - Susan Eubanks - Child killing Mom Susan Eubanks continued her recovery from a self inflicted gunshot wound in a guarded hospital room. The former medical technician underwent 90 minutes of abdominal surgery at the Palomar Medical Center where she once worked in Escondido. Meanwhile authorities are considering whether to seek the death penalty for her bloody rampage.

October 28, 1997 - Kenneth Ray Ransom - Tally another death to the mighty state of Texas. Kenneth Ray Ransom became the 32nd Inmate in 1997 to be executed in Texas. Ken was executed by lethal injection for having killed at least one person in a 1983 botched robbery of an amusement center in Houston that left four men dead. Insisting on his innocence to the very end, Ken said his death would be "an instrument to abolishing the death penalty." He apologized to the victims' families not because he felt guilty, but "because of the pain all of them are going through each holiday, each birthday that they're without their loved ones."

October 28, 1997 - Susan Eubanks - One for the white-trash-with-a-gun-file. Hard drinking 33-year-old Susan Eubanks is in fair condition in a San Diego County hospital after shooting her four children to death and then turning the gun on herself. Drunk and distraught over debts, a failed marriage, and her latest lover leaving her, Sue shot her 6-year-old, 7-year-old and 14-year-old sons in the head killing them instantly. Her 4-year-old son was found by sheriff deputies in critical condition and later died in the hospital.

October 26, 1997 - Unnamed Danish Nurse - The Copenhagen nurse charged with killing 22 patients at an elderly home was barred from her father's funeral weeks before her poisonous rampage allegedly began. In July 1994, the nurse's father, Tage Christensen, wrote a letter to his two daughters saying he didn't want to see them anymore and dodn't want them to come to his funeral. After he died, the lethal nurse showed up at the funeral home, had a violent argument with her elder brother, and left.

October 26, 1997 - Andras Pandy - Police in Belgium and Hungary intensified their searches for more human remains in several homes owned by the suspected deadly preacher in both countries. Investigators over the weekend discovered three kneecaps among human fragments buried in Pandy's cellar, confirmingthat more than one body had been buried in the basement of his Brussels tenement.

October 25, 1997 - Michael Vernon - A Bronx jury found Michael Vernon, 24, guilty of murder after his 1995 bungled robbery attempt that turned a shoe store into a bloodbath leaving five people dead. District Attorney Robert T. Johnson said he will seek the maximum penalty -- life imprisonment without the possibility of parole -- at the sentencing hearing on November 14 .

October 25, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Although in violation of a judge's order, Unabomber suspect Teddy K. said he will refuse to submit to the psychiatric testing to be conducted by doctors for the prosecution. Kaczynski, 55, was scheduled to begin seven days of court-ordered mental exams, but his defense team said in a conference call with U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. that their client refused to cooperate.

October 25, 1997 - Pat & Mike World Wide Web Radio Show - On Saturday the 25th, I will be appearing in the "Pat & Mike World Wild Web Radio Show" to talk about Satanism, Free Speech and the Internet. The show airs live from Noon-2:00 PM EST, (11:00 AM-1:00 PM CST), (9:00 AM-11:00 AM PST). I'll be appearing in the "Hot Topic" segment which runs from 12:30-12:52 PM EDT. Log on and sell your soul with your morning coffee and see if it is true that satn does indeed control the Web.

October 23, 1997 - Triple Murder in New Jersey Home - A 10-year-old boy returning home from school found his father and two other men tied up, gagged and shot to death. The victims were Rajesh Kalsaria -- a convenience store owner recently went into the diamond business in Manhattan -- and two other men, who were not identified. All three men were of Indian descent.

October 22, 1997 - Andras Pandy - Investigators in Brussels uncovered more bones in another property belonging to the Hungarian pastor and possible serial killer. Authorities have yet to determine whether the new set of bones are from the same body as those whose discovery prompted last week's arrest of 71-year-old pastor.

October 22, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Siding with prosecutors, a federal appeals court ruled to allow government psychiatrist to examine the mental state of Teddy K. Lawyers for the alleged paranoid schizophrenic tried unsuccessfully to block the prosecution's proposed psychiatric testing. No that the court paved the way for the examination, psychiatric tests on the Unabomber suspect will begin within three days.

October 22, 1997 - "Mad Killers of Brabant" - Belgium's police and judicial system, already discredited in a report on the Dutroux affair, came under renewed criticism in a report on a spate of supermarket killings in the 1980s. A yearlong parliamentary inquiry into the slayings of 28 people in nine supermarket attacks between 1982 and 1985by the so-called "Mad Killers of Brabant" gang discredited many conspiracy theories but failed to shed light on the true culprits. Investigators never arrested anyone for the killings, raising suspicions of police or judicial complicity.

October 22, 1997 - Saber & Mahmoud Farahat Abu el-Ulla - Prosecutors demanded the death penalty for two brothers who pleaded guilty to killing nine German tourists and their driver in a fiery attack on a tourist bus outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

October 22, 1997 - Yemeni Revenge Killings - Eight people died in Yemen after an eight-year-old child blinded a cow in one eye. The cow's owner slit the child's throat, killing him in front of a crowd which included the child's father. The father then fired into the crowd, killing seven people including the cow's owner.

October 21, 1997 - Unnamed Danish Nurse - A 32-year-old nurse was charged with killing 22 people with morphine-based drugs at a nursing home for the elderly in Copenhagen. Police referred to the killings as "euthanasia," but it was not immediately clear if any of the victims -- ages 65 to 97 -- were cases of assisted suicide. The nurse was also is charged with theft and embezzlement from nursing home patients of $108,000. The case is being called the biggest mass killing in modern Danish history.

October 21, 1997 - Jeffrey Dahmer - The father of one of Jeff Dahmer's victims failed today in a Supreme Court bid to hold Dahmer's probation officer legally responsible for his son's death. The court, without comment, turned away Aaron David Weinberger's argument that the probation officer's failure to visit Dahmer's apartment gave the killer the chance to commit heinous crimes there. Weinberger's 23-year-old son, Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger, was killed by Dahmer in Milwaukee in July 1991.

October 20, 1997 - Andras Pandy - Belgian authorities charged andras Pandy -- a 70-year-old protestant pastor from Hungary -- with the murder of two of his ex-wives and four of his children. This most recent arrest -- coupled with the nefarious Dutroux affair and the serial rampage gripping Mons -- is starting to make this sleepy northern European nation look like the bedrock of worldwide serial mayhem.

October 20, 1997 - Luke Woodham High School killer Luke Woodham was indicted on murder charges in the stabbing death of his mother and a shooting rampage at his school that left two dead. Portly and be speckled faces three counts of murder, seven counts of aggravated assault and two counts of murder conspiracy.

October 19, 1997 - Saber & Mahmoud Farahat Abu el-Ulla - An Egyptian accused of killing nine German tourists and their bus driver went on trial in a military court on secondary charges of bribing three doctors, two nurses and six other staff at a state mental hospital who let him leave whenever he wanted.

October 19, 1997 - Jacques Girardin - London Police are questioning 39-year-old Jacques Girardin -- arrested for the torture-murders of a 38-year-old woman and her two children in western France -- about trail of unsolved killings spanning from France to Ireland for which he might be responsible.

October 19, 1997 - Charles Ng - Police in San Francisco say they accidentally destroyed crucial evidence in their murder case against serial killer Charles Ng, who will be tried for the 1984 killing of taxi driver Donald Guiletti. Fortunately for all of us, the suspect is also facing 12 murder charges in Orange County and their evidence is still intact. San Francisco Police Chief Fred Lau said the negligent handling of the evidence -- including bullets and blood samples -- involved a "policy failure" that has prompted the department to institute new safeguards designed to make sure such incidents never occur again.

October 17, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. ruled the government's psychiatric testing of Ted can begin October 25, but reserved judgment on the number of doctors, the length of the exam and whether it will be videotaped. Prosecutors say they need the exams to prepare their case against a possible mental defect defense and want two doctors and lengthy testing; the defense says only one psychiatrist is necessary and the tests should be limited. Burrell also said he was inclined to reject the government's request that the testing be videotaped.

October 17, 1997 - Ron Fluke - A 47-year-old man stained with blood walked into police headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and told a detective he had killed his wife and two daughters. When police went to his home they discovered he was not lying. Ginger -- is dead wife -- was found on a couch and his two daughters, ages 11 and 13, were found in their beds. All three had been shot in the head. The wife was also stuck with a hatchet.

Police did not have a motive for the killings, which took place a few hours after the family attended a high school football game. "The investigation has revealed that he planned to do this for some time -- at least several days," Sgt. Wayne Allen said. "He made steps toward taking his own life but did not follow through."

October 17, 1997 - "The School Killer" - The 15-year-old boy who beheaded 11-year-old Jun Hase in Kobe was sentenced to indefinite detention at a juvenile prison. The boy, whose name has been withheld under the country's juvenile law, was convicted of assaulting five children and murdering two.

October 16, 1997 - Luke Woodham - Grant Boyette and Justin Sledge pleaded innocent to allegations that they pushed Luke Woodham to rampage through Pearl High School. Boyette, 18, and Sledge, 16, were originally charged with murder conspiracy, but they were later indicted on more serious charges -- two counts of accessory before the fact of murder, a crime punishable by life in prison.

October 16, 1997 - Bai Baoshan - Police in Beijing arrested Bai Baoshan, 39, who is suspected of killing 14 people. Bai -- possibly China's deadliest serial killer -- was believed to have begun his killing spree last year to seek revenge on society after serving 13 years in prison for murder and robbery. In an unusual detailed report, a Beijing newspaper said Bai's alleged crimes were committed in places from Beijing to the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

October 15, 1997 - Luke Woodham - Grant Boyette was charged with being the mastermind in Luke Woodham's high school shooting spree. Apparently living two completely separate lives, Boyette's former Sunday school teacher described him as "courteous, engaging and sober." Others said he prayed to Satan for power and was able to conjure up to six different demons.

October 15, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - For the first time in the case against Ted defense attorneys told prosecutors that their montain-man client suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Prosecutors hope to run their own tests on the ex-math professor to determine his alleged mental condition while the defense hopes to prevent it.

October 14, 1997 -Ugandan Cannibal - There's an all-points bulletin out for a man in western Uganda who his wife claims is a cannibal. The wife -- who is now seeking a divorce -- said she was woken up by the smell of cooking and found her husband roasting a human leg. She had long suspected the meat her husband brought home was funny, "because it had large bones".

October 14, 1997 - Jacques Girardin - A Frenchman wanted over the rape and murder of a woman, and the torture and murder of her two children, was remanded in custody by Bow Street magistrates at an extradition hearing.

October 14, 1997 - Turkish Dismemberer - A Turkish Kurd in Geneva who allegedly chopped his wife into more than 500 pieces because she wanted a divorce will go on trial. The 36-year-old unnamed refugee was extradited to Switzerland from Canada where he had fled after allegedly decapitating and chopping into pieces his young wife in their Geneva flat.

October 14, 1997 - "The Independence Avenue Killer" - A man whose sister-in-law was murdered by a suspected serial killer opened a Web site -- called "The Avenue" -- to help "police solve the murders and to improve the community around Kansas City's Independence Avenue." Since October 1996, the bodies of eight women have been found in the Missouri River.

October 10, 1997 - Charles Ng - Having already been postponed for 12 years, serial killer Charles Ng's trial was delayed seven more months because he refused to cooperate with his court appointed lawyer. Orange County Supreme Court Judge John J. Ryan appointed Michael Burt, the lawyer who represented Ng in San Francisco, and reluctantly had to postpone the trial to acomodate the lawyer's schedule. Expected to be the longest and costliest trial in California history, jury selection is now set to begin September 1, 1998. The trial was transferred in 1994 to Orange County from Calaveras County -- where many of his alleged victims lived -- on the grounds that extensive publicity made a fair trial impossible.

October 9, 1997 - Crimean Satanist - A group of youngsters aged between 16 and 17 suspected of performing satanic rites was detained by the police of Simferopol. Local law enforcement have suspected since spring that a ritual murder had been committed when a dismembered body of a dead young woman was found in the city cemetery.

October 9, 1997 - Suspected Cape Town Vagrant Killer - Police arrested a 21-year-old Bo-Kaap man in connection with the attack on two vagrants who were critically injured as they slept in Hout Street. However, authorities said they could not link the suspect to the killing of two other vagrants in the city suggesting the murders were not connected or the work of a serial killer.

October 9, 1997 - Ricky Lee Green Serial killer Ricky Lee Green 36, was pronounced dead, seven minutes after being lethally injected by prison authorities in Huntsville, Texas. "Now we can go on and not have to worry about him getting out and hurting anyone else," said Shirley Bailey, the sister of one of his known victims.

October 8, 1997 - Aum Shinrikyo - The United States designated the Aum Shinrikyo and 29 other foreign groups as terrorist organizations.

October 7, 1997 - Charles Lee White - A gunman angry at his girlfriend opened fire at the ProtoCall paging company where she worked, killing two people and wounding a third before killing himself.

According to police, the 42-year-old gunman had had a fight with his girlfriend the night before the killings. Ms. Henry had called authorities and said White was threatening her and had taken the spark plug wires from her car so it wouldn't run.

October 8, 1997 - Luke Woodham Authorities in Pearl, Mississippi, believe teen killer Luke Woodham may not have acted alone. A gang of teenage "nerds" might have helped him plan his deadly rampage. Five of Woodham's schoolmates and a community college student were charged with conspiracy to murder. Authorities have yet determined whether their self-named "Kroth" had any Satanist undertones or interest in the occult.

October 7, 1997 - Suspected Cape Town Vagrant Killer - Police fear there is a serial killer roaming Cape Town, stalking vagrants and bludgeoning to death with rocks while they sleep. Police have appealed for information in connection with the murders of two men, one on September 7 in Upper Buitenkant Street and the other on October 4 in Strand Street. A third attack on September 24 left a man and a woman in critical condition.

This recent string of attacks have sparked fears of a rerun of the "Bergie killings" of the mid- 1980s, when a serial killer stalked vagrants and shot them with a .22-caliber gun. Most of those attacks happened in alleys near the Cape Town police station at a time when Parliament was sitting in Cape Town. It is suspected that the killer could have been a member of the then special guard unit or a Cape Town policeman.

October 7, 1997 - Jose Luis & Alonso Cruz Osorio - Authorities in North Carolina have found the car belonging to two brothers sought in the slayings of five migrant workers. A taxi driver who saw a news report about the slaughter contacted police, saying he had taken two men to the bus station in Charlotte earlier in the day. Officers then tracked down the Isuzu car driven from the scene of the shooting, finding it parked outside a Charlotte convenience store

October 7, 1997 - Orlando Tuguinay - A Manila carpenter ran amok with a chisel inside a bus in northern Philippines killing four people and wounding four more before police shot him dead. After boarding the bus in the city of San Jose north of Manila, the 26-year-old slasher pulled out a chisel and began stabbing passengers. He then jumped from the bus and ran towards a residential area, stabbing more people before police shot him.

October 7, 1997 - Cannibalism in North Korea - ABC News reported that starving North Koreans are now resorting to cannibalism for sustenance. "People are going insane with hunger. They even kill and eat their own infants," said a North Korean military officer who fled to China with his family. Another North Korean who got out said that in his home city of Wonson a husband and wife were executed in May for murdering 50 children and storing their salted flesh in a hut.

October 6, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - About 600 people were summoned to the state fairgrounds in Sacramento to complete preliminary surveys drafted by prosecutors and defense lawyers in an initial step for picking a jury for the Unabomber trial.

October 6, 1997 - Jose Luis & Alonso Cruz Osorio - Two brothers killed their five migrant worker roommates in an apparent robbery at their home in Magnum, North Carolina. A sixth worker, known by his last name, Benitez, survived and identified the attackers. The killers -- Jose Luis Cruz Osorio, 28, and his 18-year-old brother, Alonso -- were each charged with five counts of murder and five of robbery.

October 3, 1997 - Todd Rizzo - A Waterbury, Connecticut, teen fascinated with serial killers told police he lured a 13-year-old boy into a backyard and sledgehammered him to death for "no good reason."

"It was like a sort of urge, I guess." Rizzo, 18, told police. He also said he was fascinated with Jeffrey Dahmer, and wanted to find out what it felt like to kill somebody. The teen knew the seventh-grader casually through his former job at a video store. After luring him into his backyard to hunt for snakes, Rizzo "sat on him like a horse and hit him a bunch of times in the head" until the boy stopped making gurgling sounds. Rizzo, who was just discharged from the Marine Corps after serving less than a year, was linked to the crime by a woman who said she saw his car in the area where the body was found.

October 2, 1997 - Luke Woodham - Mississippi's teen killer Luke Woodham was brought into court in an orange jail jumpsuit and charged as an adult with fatally stabbing his divorced mother, killing two schoolmates and wounding seven others. Although classes were canceled, many students showed up at school to build makeshift shrines with teddy bears, ceramic angels, candles, notes and flowers.

October 1, 1997 - Luke Woodham - A student with a gun opened fire on a bunch of schoolmates outside Pearl High School (in Pearl, Mississippi), killing two and wounding seven. The boy, sophomore Luke Woodham, started the day by slitting his mother's throat before heading to school. Police Chief Bill Slade called the situation "a disgruntled girlfriend-boyfriend thing." Not surprisingly the girlfriend was one of the dead.

September 30, 1997 - Joe Corcoran - The Attorney of Joe Corcoran's entered a not guilty by reason of insanity plea on Joe's behalf. Apparently, Robert W. Gevers II, the prosecuting attorney is asking for the death penalty and has refused to plea bargain.

September 30, 1997 - "The Spotsylvania Killer" - Movie theaters in the Spotsylvania County, Virginia, area have decided not to show Paramount's "Kiss the Girls" -- a film about a serial killer who targets young women -- because its similarities to a series of local unsolved killings.

September 29, 1997 - Martin Mendoza-Garcia - A Sacramento jury recommended the death penalty for killing three children after following his wife from Nevada to the Californian desert. The 34-year-old construction worker with a history of domestic violence was convicted August 28 of killing two of his stepchildren and his niece.

September 28, 1997 - Peter Contos - A Lowell, Mass., U.S. Air National Guard technical sergeant leading a "double life," Pete killed his girlfriend and their two children, then drove to the air base and stuffed the boys' bodies in his locker. Police did not provide a motive for the familicide, but said Contos has been married for a year to another woman who was unaware he had a girlfriend and two children. Coincidentally, his dead girlfriend didn't know about the wife.

September 25, 1997 - Thomas Quick - Police from Thomas Quick's home town Falun started excavating a cellar in an abandoned farm looking for buried remains of his victims. So far only one bone has been found "that could be a human finger-bone".

September 24, 1997 - Barry Loukaitis - Sixteen year-old Barry was convicted on all charges. despite the so-called "Pearl Jam Defense". Sentencing was set for October 10. Some victims' relatives wept. Others hugged. "Either verdict would have been a tragedy," said Alice Fritz, mother of victim Arnold Fritz. "There's no happy ending here."

September 23, 1997 - Mayhem Network - For the next couple of weeks the Crime Archives will not be updated nor will your mail be answered because I'll be shipping my system to Las Vegas for an art show. The show -- called "Art Buffet" -- will be held at the Contemporary Arts Collective of Las Vegas from September 26 to October 30. If you care to go the opening reception is Friday September 26, 6:30 to 8:30.

September 22, 1997 - Yuri Chubarov - A 47-year-old Latvian man, Yuri was the focus of a 500-strong manhunt after killing seven people. He committed suicide in a forest a mile form the scene of his shooting spree. Criminal police chief Alois Blonskis said a tracker dog sniffed out the body of the attacker. A helicopter, police officers, an elite anti-terrorist unit and the paramilitary Home Guard were all drafted in to hunt for the killer and roadblocks were thrown up in the region.

September 22 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - News organizations asked the judge in the Unabomber case to lift his order that the names of jurors be kept secret. District Judge Garland Burrell Jr. ruled earlier this month that the names of jurors would not be made public because of the extensive publicity the case has received. Charity Kenyon, an attorney for several broadcast and print organizations said the order was "unprecedented," and it would "unconstitutionally infringe on the public's historic and First Amendment rights of access to this trial."

September 20, 1997 - Latvian Family Massacre - A gunman opened fire on a family while they were picking potatoes in southern Latvia, killing five men and two women. An eighth person is in critical condition in a hospital in the southern city of Bauska. The Koshkin family and some acquantainces were out in a field harvesting potatoes early in the afternoon when the gunman drove up, took an automatic hunting rifle and other weapons, and opened fire. Eyewitnesses said the gunman chased his victims around the field in his car, picking them off one by one. Authorities believe the gunman blamed the Koshkins for burning down his house.

September 19, 1997 - Barry Loukaitis - The triple murder case against Barry Loukaitis went to jury after the defense pleaded insanity and the prosecutors painted the lethal teen as an angry, piteful and hate-filled human being. Stay tuned for the jury's decision.

September 19, 1997 - The Mons Killer - Belgian police admitted they were nowhere near finding the serial killer who scattered up to 30 bags of severed body parts of four women around the city of Mons. The city's public prosecutor's office said eight inspectors and a police commissioner had conducted 700 interviews and received 600 items of information since the first bags were discovered in March of this year. The killer is believed to be a man, probably with local geographic and historical knowledge. Belgian authorities have called on the FBI for help profiling the elusive killer. No more body parts have been discovered since April.

September 19, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - In what amounts to a seriously bad day for the defense, a judge rejected their efforts to suppress evidence taken from Ted's mountain retreat and ruled the government can do its own mental examination of the Unasuspect. The judge also ruled that the prosecution can use a computer system to display evidence at trial, which the defense thought would reflect badly on the Unasuspect's anti-technology ideology.

September 19, 1997 - Canadian Familicide - Police launched a nationwide manhunt after a woman and her four children were found bludgeoned to death were discovered at the family home in Black Creek, a tiny rural community between Courtenay and Campbell River on of Vancouver Island. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they were looking for the woman's common-law husband, 37-year-old David John Gorton. Although the autopsies are yet to be performed, Staff Sgt. Russ Grabb said the deaths appear to have taken place three to four days ago.

September 19, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Unabrother David K. received the Courage of Conviction award from Equinox, a social service agency that runs a youth shelter, for his work with teens in trouble. The regretful type, he said his "fondest hope" was that Ted would someday forgive him. "Part of what was most hurtful to me about that is it prevented me from telling my brother in my own way, in my own time, that I had turned him in and why. No matter how many people say, 'You know, you did the right thing,' it doesn't make me feel any better... My fondest hope would be that someday, somehow, Ted would find a way to forgive me."

September 19, 1997 - Andrew Phillip Cunanan - Modesto Cunanan, Andy's prodigal dad, arrived in LA to start production on a documentary on his son's alleged crime spree and develop a screenplay for a film based on his life and death. A follower of the apocalyptic Elithabeth Claire Prophet, of the Church Universal and Triumphant, the older Cunanan pledged that any money made from the film will go toward building "a church, a chapel or a temple" in memory of his son, the serial killer. "If any money comes out of it, it's sacred money."

September 18, 1997 - Sylvester Mofokeng - Multiple murderer and two-time prison escapee Sylvester Mofokeng, was sentenced to 145 years in jail and 10 life sentences by the Johannesburg High Court. Judge Labe called Mofokeng a "professional killer, who was heartless and without remorse and killed for rewards." He added the murders were of such a cruel nature that in the interests of the community it had to be seen that justice had been done.

September 18, 1997 - Myra Hindley - Art criticism reached a new low when the 13-foot-high portrait of Moors Murdererer Myha Hindley was splashed with paint then splattered with egg in two separate incidents on the opening day of the show "Sensation." Two men were arrested, one in each of the attacks, which came within an hour of each other. The first attacker is alleged to have thrown red and blue Indian ink from two film canisters over the portrait. Witnesses said he was "swearing and behaving like an animal". The attack left an arc of blue across Hindley's eyes and a splash of red over her mouth. Shortly afterwards, when the room was reopened, a second man threw four eggs at the portrait.

Winnie Johnson, mother of one of Hindley's victims, said she was delighted by the attacks on the painting and accused those paying to see the exhibition of being "as sick as Hindley herself". Taking the "art war" to ilogical extremes, three callers to the children's charity Kidscape offering to attack the painting. As for the painting, which could take up to a week to restore, was temporarily withdrawn as experts assessed the damage, will be returned to the exhibition once the ink and eggs are cleared off. Determined not to be beaten, the Academy brought in extra security and vowed to continue showing with the show.

September 17, 1997 - "The Wemmer Pan Killer" - South African authorities announced that the series of at least 10 Wemmer Pan murders and four others in Claremont, west of Johannesburg, were the work of two serial killers who are possibly working together. A police spokesman added that people were strongly urged to stay away from the Wemmer Pan area at night. He declined to say exactly how many murders had been linked to the serial killers, saying police did not want to "alert him to what our investigations indicate he is facing" or give the suspects any unnecessary advantage.

September 17, 1997 - Sylvester Mofokeng - A former prison escapee Sylvester Mofokeng, 25, was found guilty of 12 murder and nine other charges at the Johannesburg High Court. The 12 murders were committed between April and June 1995. The other charges were for theft, housebreaking, robbery, attempted murder and unlawful possession of arms and ammunition.

September 15, 1997 - Arthur Hastings Wise - A man who was fired from a Aiken, South Carolina, lawn mower engines plant returned with a gun fatally shooting four people and wounding three others. Two and a half hours after he began his shooting spree he was apprehended by a SWAT team. According to former co-workers Wise was fired after a clash with a manager in which he became violent. "He had applied for jobs in the QA (quality-assurance) and the tool-and-die areas and didn't get them... That's where he went in shooting."

A plant worker said Art first shot a guard at the gate, then cut the telephone lines before entering the building. One person was killed outside and three others were shot dead inside the plant. Two people were hospitalized in serious condition and a third was treated and released. Wise, 43, was taken into custody when the SWAT team burst into an office of the plant and found him vomiting on the floor. Apparently he had taken an unknown substance and, by the time he reached the Aiken Regional Medical Center, he was in critical condition. According to the local sheriff, once he is out of danger he will be facing four counts of murder and three of assault and battery with intent to kill.

September 15, 1997 - Ted Kaczynski - Attorneys for mountain-man Ted -- who are apparently preparing an insanity plea -- asked for all mental examination records or psychological profiles made by prosecutors on the Unabomber suspect. Surprisingly the prosecution said they did not conduct any mental examinations of the 55-year-old mathematics genius. Defense lawyer Judy Clarke responded saying that FBI agents may have been guilty of misconduct by misleading David Kaczynski into turning his brother in under the pretense of getting him mental health treatment.

September 14, 1997 - Terry Nichols - According to Newsweek, Terry Nichols has been using the adjoining cell to his in Denver's Federal Correctional Institution as an office to help prepare his defense. He has the cell jammed with documents aswell as a VCR which he uses to view footage related to the bombing. With a keen eye for detail, Nichols -- through his attorneys -- challenged the seating arrangements at the trial. Apparently he wants the two seats next to the jury box to be kept open so he can make eye contact with the jurors.

September 12, 1997 - Sondra London - Showing no backbone whatsoever AOL announced it was shutting down Sondra London's serial killer websites. In response, Sondra said: "It's hard to explain to someone who is not a netizen how a cyberentity can become so integral to one's identity that its loss feels like going through a surgical trauma, high-speed auto accident and armed robbery all at once... Attempts to suppress speech only serve to stimulate the will to speak and be heard. There are those who approve of suppressing speech that some find objectionable. Others, like myself, see the danger in giving up those freedoms which we do have, or in allowing the government to arrogate these hard-won civil liberties when they were deliberately reserved for the People by our Founding Fathers."

September 12, 1997 - Myra Hindley - Members of the British Royal Academy of Arts voted to include Marcus Harvey's controversial portrait of Myra Hindley in an exhibition of works by young artists. The family of one of Hindley's victims had appealed to the Academy to exclude the work.

Anthony Green, an artist and member of the academy for 20 years, had been opposed to showing the painting, saying it was against "common decency". After the voting he conceded: "We are the Royal Academy of Arts, not the Royal Academy of Decency. God knows what the public will make of the show. It's full of the most outrageous sculptures which I am sure are going confound our loyal viewers."

September 12, 1997 - Barry Loukaitis - JoAnn Phillips, mother of suspected killer Barry Loukaitis, told jurors her son was driven to shoot four people during math class by the Pearl Jam song, "Jeremy" . The song allegedly portrays a teenager who takes out his angst on his classmates by shooting them. In the video, the boy seems to massacres his classmates while Eddie Vedder sings "Jeremy spoke in class today."

Loukaitis, who was 14 at the time of the shooting, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to three charges of aggravated first-degree murder, one count each of attempted murder and second-degree assault, and 16 counts of kidnapping. If convicted, Loukaitis could spend the rest of his life in jail.

September 12, 1997 - Sondra London - Climbing high on the bully pulpit Marc Klaas, whose daughter Polly was abducted from her bedroom and killed in 1993, asked for a boycott of American Online until it removed Sondra London's serial killer website. AOL spokeswoman Tricia Primrose, showing a total disregard for free speech, forced Ms. London to remove part of her site saying: "We find the information that is in this site offensive and objectionable and we did not wish to have our name associated with it." If you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen.

September 11, 1997 - Myra Hindley - The British Royal Academy of Arts is facing a barrage of criticism over its upcoming exhibition entitled "Sensation" featuring a portrait of Myra Hindley made from children's handprints. The Hindley portrait, among several other controversial works, is on loan from the prominent contemporary art collection of Charles Saatchi. Defending the Hindley painting, academy member Norman Ackroyd said it was "a very good picture. It's no more horrific than what Goya did with his Horrors of War. One of the dangerous things as we approach the end of the 20th century is that people don't know the true horrors. There are probably Hindleys and Bradys out there loose in society. Parents should be aware that these things can happen again. You can't sweep it under the carpet."

September 11, 1997 - Pornography & Sexual Predators - Bill Thompson, a leading British sociologist, attacked studies that showed links between pornography and sex crimes, saying they were faulty and often influenced by anti-porn campaigners. Thompson said at a science festival in England that the selective interpretation and reporting -- especially in the United States -- of data from these studies advanced "the cause of anti-pornography campaigners, but it doesn't advance the cause of science... The obsession with the alleged direct link between pornography and sex offenders has inhibited ... proper research." According to the sociologist parental alcoholism, childhood abuse and neglect are the most prominent factors in shaping a future sex offender's twisted psyche.

September 10, 1997 - Sondra London - In another case of Internet censorship, crime writer Sondra London -- who manages several interlinked websites displaying writings and artwork of serial killers -- is being forced off AOL because James Geringer, the Governor of Wyoming, doesn't like her Keith Jesperson website. Please show your support for her right to have any type of website by e-mailing, the lawyer reviewing the complaint.

September 10, 1997 - James Carl Lee Davis - An unemployed roofer, James was executed by lethal injection for the March 3, 1984, rape-murder of a 15-year-old girl and the beating deaths of her two younger brothers. Davis, 34, was the 26th inmate to be executed in Texas this year. Before dying James -- who once told a police officer to call him "Mr. Mean" -- said to his brother and a friend: "You're in my heart. Be well my friends. I'm ready."

September 10, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Defense lawyers for the alleged anti-technology terrorist protested a computerized system proposed by the prosecutors that would transfer the numerous documents and photographs in the case onto CDs. The lawyers argued the use of the computer system could lead to a televised show-and-tell that would inflame the jury against the accused and would inject a "Simpson-esque" atmosphere into the trial.

September 9, 1997 - The Crime Channel - Here at the Crime Archives -- because we strive at all times to dazzle you with the latest technology -- we have added a "Netcasting Channel" for worldwide mayhem just click the Crime Channel and wait for the pixelated death-flashes to find their way to your Webtop every morning. To enjoy the Webcast you will need Netscape Communicator v4.02 or higher with the Netcasting component.

September 8, 1997 - Thierry Sigaud - In a fit of rage Thierry shot and killed both his parents after getting a bad haircut from his mother. Not the thankful type Sigaud, 31, shot his 55-year-old mother in the chest as she primmed him for a carnival in Premery, central France. He then killed his father when the old man tried to stop him.

September 8, 1997 - Terry Nichols - Attorneys for suspected bomber Terry Nichols feel they were duped by federal prosecutors into disclosing their legal strategies and want a federal appeals court to void the death penalty notice against their client.

September 8, 1997 - AUM Shinrikyo - Lawyers for the portly cult guru grilled Kiyohide Hayakawa in the Tokyo Municipal Court about the events leading to the November 1989 murders of the anti-Aum lawyer Tsutsumi Sakamoto and his family. According to Shoko's legal team the blind guru did not order his disciples to do the killings but that the cultists misinterpreted his words and acted on their own.

September 7, 1997 - AUM Shinrikyo - Three monuments for the murdered lawyer Tsutsumi Sakamoto, his wife, and their one-year-old baby, were unveiled at the respective sites where their remains were found. Each body was found buried in a separate mountain locations in central Japan -- Nadachi in the Niigata Prefecture, Uozu in Toyama Prefecture and Omachi in Nagano Prefecture. The building of the monuments was financed by Japanese lawyers groups and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

September 7, 1997 - "The Spotsylvania Killer" - With the opening of schools throughout Spotsylvania County, parents and teachers are taking extra precautions knowing that a serial killer is still at large in their community. Many parents are leaving work early to pick up their children. Some Neighborhood Watch groups are sending cars out to shadow school bus routes. Bus drivers have been asked to carry log books to note any people or activities that seem suspicious. All of it in an attempt to avoid any more murdered schoolgirls.

September 5, 1997 - AUM Shinrikyo - Testifying at the 48th hearing of Shoko's trial at the Tokyo District Court, Kiyohide Hayakawa, the former "construction minister" and de facto No. 2 man of the cult, said: "There was no person other than Asahara who could order 'poa,' for he was thought of as the Buddha." The 'poas' (murder in Sanskrit) in question were the killings of Yokohama lawyer Tsutsumi Sakamoto and his family, as well as former cult member Shuji Taguchi.

September 4, 1997 - Branch Davidians - U.S. District Judge Walter Smith reimposed long prison sentences on five Branch Davidian cult members for the 1993 gunfight, that left four federal agents dead and started the siege of the group's compound in Waco, Texas. Four men were given 10 years for voluntary manslaughter and 30 years for using a firearm in a violent crime. The fifth was sentenced to 10 years for possessing a hand grenade and 10 years for using a firearm.

September 3, 1997 - Theodore Kaczynski - Sacramento prosecutors requested the chance to do their own psychiatric examination of Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski, saying it's only fair if the defense argues he was mentally impaired at the time of the bombings. Prosecutors hope to determine what type of mental impairment they plan to use so they can prepare their case. Lawyers for the defense rejected the request calling it a violation of Ted's Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

September 2, 1997 - Jesus Antonio Tamayo - In typical postal fashion, Mr. Tamayo, a federal worker, opened fire in a crowded post office, critically wounding his ex-wife and a family friend before commiting suicide. Witnesses at the scene said the postal clerk left through the back door when he saw the two women enter and walked in through the front doors to shoot them. After the shooting he went out of the post office, sat under a tree, looked up in the air and blew his face off. Tamayo, 65, was a counter clerk with 41 years experience, who, until now, was considered a courteous and friendly individual. Later it was determined that when he saw his ex-wife come in, Tamayo went to his car to pick up a gun. Coincidentally, the post office where the killings took place is located a few blocks away from where Andrew Cunanan gunned down Gianni Versace.

September 1, 1997 - The Windsors - Arab news media and speculators here at the Archives believe Princess Di's untimely death was less of a tragic accident and more of a conspiracy born out of British anti-Arab feelings. Columnist Anis Mansour, mincing no words, said in the Cairo daily Al-Ahra: "She was killed by British intelligence to save the monarchy. ... Nobody since Cromwell, who called for a republic in the 17th century, has been able to shake the royal family as Princess Diana did."

August 29, 1997 - Andrew Phillip Cunanan - Putting the "P" in the word "petty," speakers at a conference of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association suggested that the media's coverage of Andy as a "gay spree killer" defamed the homosexual community. "The continual linkage of 'gay killer' became like a mantra," said Liz Tracey of the New York-based Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. She added that although Cunanan was a Filipino-American, "one would be outraged to see, 'Filipino killer.'" So what should we call him, Liz, "the Filipino man who happens to enjoy killing gay men and is himself gay spree killer"?

August 29, 1997 - Daniel Okev - A former Israeli army officer who shot two British tourists, killing 22-year-old Max Hunter earlier this month, could be a serial killer responsible for a series of gruesome rape-murders around southern Israel.

August 29, 1997 - Zhusaly - In a case of the "munchies" Russian style, a man guarding a pot field in Kazakstan confessed to killing and cannibalizing his companion. The suspect, identified only as Zhusaly, salted the flesh of his buddy and ate it for 10 days. The man -- along with three farmers charged with growing the pot -- was arrested in a drug sweep through the region. The three were also charged with concealing murder.

August 28, 1997 - Moses Sithole - The trial of alleged South African serial killer Moses Sithole was postponed in the Pretoria High Court when he started vomiting in court as a result of a stomach ulcer.

August 28, 1997 - Terry Nichols & Timothy McVeigh - Adam Thurschwell, an attorney for Terry Nichols, "conceded" that Timothy McVeigh carried out the Oklahoma City bombing "and did so for reasons that are crystal clear," but said there was no proof his client participated in the plot.

August 28, 1997 - Internet Crime Archives - Always willing to experiment with the latest browser abuse techniques, here at the Archives we have just discovered that the GIF89 imageloops work perfectly as background images in the Netscape and Microsoft 4.0+ generation browsers. Of course, excess being our middle name, soon every page will have a looping backgrounds, but for the time being we have limited the madness to the root level of the Archives. Curiously, it seems that the looping background also works on the Microsoft/AOL browser.

August 26, 1997 - AUM Shinrikyo - The Japanese Public Security Investigation Agency announced that the AUM has regained its organizational strength and expanded its activities since it was spared disbandment in January under the Antisubversive Activities Law. The group has established 10 new "departments" and reopened five regional chapters and one training center. Presently they have 26 facilities in Japan with about 500 live-in followers and some 5,000 others living on their own. Authorities suspects the cult has threatened former followers to rejoin, telling them they would go to hell or have to cut their fingers off if they don't.

August 24, 1997 - Heaven's Gate - Chuck Humphrey, the surviving cultist who unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide a month after his 39 "classmates" exited their "vehicles," held a public recruitment meeting in Berkeley, California. Feeling that the cult has been getting a bum rap from the media, Chuck showed a 70-minute video of the cult's bug-eyed co-founder, Marshall Applewhite, and explained the group's mission. It is unclear if anyone of the 50 attendees joined the cult or if the existing members are planning "to take off the VR helmets" and head for the spaceship anytime soon. Stay tuned to the "X-Files" for further details.

August 24, 1997 - Andrew Phillip Cunanan - Now there are two films being made about the murder of Gianni Versace. One is the previously reported ABC TV movie being produced by Avenue Pictures. The second, bankrolled by Warner Brothers, reportedly has Madonna playing the part of Versace's sister, Donatella, and the Starship Commander Patrick Stewart as the fashion mogul. Robert Downey Jr. -- freshly out of rehab -- is being sought to play Cunanan. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, the supermodels, will also be featured as, you guessed it, supermodels. And, of course, like the Avenue Pictures production, it will be done in good taste and it won't be exploitative.

August 23, 1997 - Clifford Olson - It took a Vancouver jury a handful of minutes to reject Cliff Olson's application for reduction of his parole eligibility and send him back to prison. Although he is still considered an extremely dangerous psychopath, Cliff's appearance and performance at the hearing revealed a pathetically loathsome human being. "For 16 years he's been the big bad bogeyman," said Ray King, whose son Ray Jr. was murdered by Olson. "He's not that way anymore. He's just a pathetic little individual." Most of Canada remembers Cliff -- Canada's deadliest serial killer -- from a picture following his arrest in which he appeared strong, cold, calculating and defiant. In court he emerged as a diminutive and gaunt man with hollow eyes and thinning, grey hair.

In his final statement before the jury retired, Cliff looked at the jurors and said: "Do I look like some raving lunatic?" Much to his surprise the gallery erupted with "yeahs," clapping and jeering. A master manipulator with a flair for insinuating himself into the public eye, we can be sure he will apply for parole the next possible chance he gets, which will come on August 12, 2006. See you then, Cliff, and please no more book deals and videos.

August 22, 1997 - Carl Drega - Officials at the Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon said rampager Carl Drega had twice worked at their nuclear power plant where he passed a background check and psychological screening. In 1992 Drega worked for a contractor as a millwright in the turbine building for a month and again in 1995 for a three-month stint. "It was not sensitive work," an official said. "The plant was shut down at the time. There was supervision and oversight by the radiological controls department."

August 22, 1997 - Ray DeFord - An Oregon judge found the now 12-year-old Ray criminally responsible for one count of arson and eight counts of felony murder and criminally negligent homicide for setting an aparftment-house fire that killed eight Mexican immigrants. The lethal tot showed little reaction to the verdict.

August 22, 1997 - Clifford Olson - In what is turning out to be a very animated court proceeding the Crown prosecutor Joe Bellows ripped into Cliff Olson's "fantastic lies" in his bid for early parole. Noting that Olson himself told the court that no jury would ever recommend early parole, Bellows asked, "Why did you engage in this process? Olson snapped: "I'm going through a process that is available to me and I have a right to under law."

Ever the dreamer, Olson claimed the outcome didn't matter because he would soon be extradited to the U.S. to assist in solving the Green River killings in Seattle. "Mr. Olson," blasted Bellows, "You are going nowhere, except back to a Canadian prison." Stay tuned for tomorrow's pyrotechnics when the decision on whether he could be recommended for a reduction of parole goes to the jury.

August 22, 1997 - Charles Manson - America's favorite psychopath Charlie Manson was transferred from Corcoran State Prison to the tougher Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City as punishment for his recent drug bust. At Pelican Bay Manson will be placed in a segregated Security Housing Unit where he will virtually have no contact with other inmates. The only times he will be allowed out of his cell will be for treatment sessions, showers and solitary exercise.

August 21, 1997 - Carl Drega - Authorities decided to torch Drega's barn fearing the booby-trapped "bomb-making factory" could injure investigating law officers at the site. Witnesses to the fire counted up to 40 small explosions inside the structure as it burned. Attorney General Philip McLaughlin said it was not clear whether Drega had planned his deadly rampage or was improvising as he went along.

August 20, 1997 - Carl Drega - Leaving an explosive legacy behind, police found at least 600 pounds of ammonium nitrate and 60 gallons of diesel fuel (the lethal cocktail used by McVeigh & Co. in Oklahoma City) in three outbuildings on Carl's property. Authorities fear more explosives could be found in booby traps in an "elaborate system of tunnels" built beneath and adjacent to his home. State police also found bomb-making books and a weapons manual in the smoldering ruins of his burnt-out house.

August 20, 1997 - Clifford Olson - Ever the media whore, Cliff Olson, the self-described "Beast of British Columbia," suggested he was responsible for 143 unsolved murders in Canada and the U.S. In a bid for early parole the industrious serial killer claimed he had earned $1.3 million in advances for three unpublished books an a collection of videotapes. Generosity being his middle name, Cliff said he set up in a trust fund with the money for his victim's families. Under further questioning the rambling killer was unable to substantiate any of his claims.

August 19, 1997 - Carl Drega - An army veteran and local troubemaker snapped over a routine traffic stop leaving a judge, two state troopers and a newspaper editor dead in his wake before being shot to death by a swarm of officers in a 45-minute firefight.

August 19, 1997 - Michael Ryan - Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Hungerford massacre in which loner-gunman Michael Ryan killed 16 and wounded 14 in a small farming community 60 miles west of London.

August 19, 1997 - Veerappan - India's deadliest bandit agreed to surrender to authorities after being on the run for more than a decade. The outlaw said he would release eight forest rangers he has been holding hostage and emerge from his hideout in southern India's forests. No date was set for either event.

August 18, 1997 - Sipho Agmatir Thwala - The suspected "Phoenix Strangler," Sipho Agmatir Thwala, 30, appeared in the Durban Regional Court where he requested legal aid. The case -- involving the strangulation deaths of at least 19 black women -- was adjourned until September 2 to allow the suspected strangler to get an attorney. Senior public prosecutor Barend Groen asked that no description of suspect be given by the media because witnesses have yet to identify him. The court also ordered that no photographs of the accused be published.

August 18, 1997 - Virgin Net - Ivan Izikowitz, technical director of Virgin Net, a subsidiary of Virgin Records, apologized after a game based on the 1996 Dunblane massacre was found being distributed from a web site housed in one of their servers.

August 17, 1997 - Timothy McVeigh - In the first of a two-part jailhouse interview published in Sunday's edition of The Buffalo News, Tim McVeigh said his chances of avoiding the death penalty through an appeal were "slim to none."

August 16, 1997 - "The Negev Desert Psychopath" - Israeli police investigating the murder of the English hitchhiker Max Hunter are studying the possibility of linking it to a series of unsolved killings around the southern Negev desert. It is suspected that for several years a serial killer has been stalking the area hunting tourist.

August 16, 1997 - Aida Nur el-Din - Another from the Nurse Rachet file. An Egyptian hospital matron in Alexandria, Aida confessed to killing at least 18 patients so that she would get a good night sleep. After confessing to her serial poisonings, she jumped from a third-story room in a failed suicide attempt. Aida, 42, allegedly killed her patients by injecting them with various drugs she stole.

August 16, 1997 - Child Sacrifice in India - Rumors of child sacrifices being performed regularly by secret religious cults in India have prompted aid organizations and politicians to call for a government investigation. "Human sacrifice is once again being practiced in the name of god," said Bratindra Mukherjee, a Calcutta University professor who has been studying India's secret cults for 40 years. In the past 18 months there has been a dramatic rise in infant kidnappings and disappearances. More than 60 women suspected of being connected to the dissapearences have been lynched or stoned to death in the Jalpaiguri district and in north Bengal.

August 15, 1997 - "Phoenix Strangler" - Heavily armed policemen arrested the suspected "Phoenix Strangler" of at least 19 young women during an early morning raid in the Besters squatter camp near Phoenix, about 20km north of Durban.

August 15, 1997 - Timothy McVeigh - Making no apologies, speed freak/bomber Timothy McVeigh made his first court statement before being formally sentenced to death. Quoting from a 1928 opinion written by Justice Louis Brandeis in a wiretapping case, McVeigh said: "In the words of Justice Brandeis, our government is the hope, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches people by its example. That's all I have, Your Honor."

August 15, 1997 - Detroit Familicide - A suspect in the slayings of a woman and four young children in Detroit was seriously injured today when he jumped out a fifth-floor window at police headquarters in an apparent attempt to escape. The 22-year-old man, who has not been identified pending the filing of formal charges, was hospitalized in serious condition.

August 14, 1997 - Detroit Familicide - A woman and four small children were found stabbed to death in their home in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in Detroit. "It's probably the worst thing I've ever seen in 21 years of law enforcement," Executive Deputy Chief Benny Napoleon said. "Whoever did this is obviously a very vicious person." The dead were identified as Yolanda Bellamy, 21; her two sons, Nathan Burns Jr., 5, and Nathan Burns III, 3; and her niece and nephew, Shafontah Bellamy, 3, and Delvontay Bellamy, 5.

August 12, 1997 - Gholomreza Kordieh - The infamous "Teheran Vampire," was hanged from a crane near the scene of his crimes before a cheering crowd of about 20,000 onlookers who chanted "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest).

August 12, 1997 - Andrew Phillip Cunanan - Fernando Carreira, the now famous Miami Beach houseboat caretaker, collected the $45,000 reward money from South Beach authorities. Surrounded by his lawyers, Fernando mugged for the cameras, held up the five checks and pounced on New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for not handing over the $10,000 reward the city offered. Giuliani said Carreira was ineligible because his tip didn't lead to Cunanan's arrest in New York.

On the other side of the world, Torsten Reineck, the man who hired Carreira to take care of the houseboat, was arrested when he arrived and surrendered to authorities in Frankfurt. It is unclear whether he surrendered voluntarily or was extradited. Since 1992 Torsten was wanted in Germany on tax evasion and fraud charges.

August 11, 1997 - Possible Italian Serial Killer - Italian Carabinieri suspect there may have a serial killer in their hands who targets homosexuals following the deaths of an American in Rome, and a Florentine nobleman.

August 11, 1997 - Senegal's Penis Shrinking Craze - Vigilante mobs convinced that foreign sorcerers can shrink a man's genitals with a mere handshake have killed eight people in Senegal. More than 30 others have been seriously injured. Belief in black magic and evil spells has led to this xenophobically lethal "collective psychosis."

August 8, 1997 - The Tausug Tribe - Relatives of a spurned bridegroom-to-be rampaged through a village in the southern Philippines using mortars and machine guns, killing 12 people and wounding 17. The raiders set fire to homes and carried off four teenaged girls after the attack. A survivor the from Kalang Sukuban village, in Sulu province, said members of the Muslim Tausug tribe took revenge when the intended bride, from a neighboring clan, eloped with another man.

August 8, 1997 - Marc Dutroux - Belgian pedophile and alleged child killer Marc Dutroux hired François Robinet, a top French lawyer, for his trial. Robinet, who specializes in gruesome murders, met Dutroux last week in prison in Arlon, southern Belgium, where he is awaiting trial.

August 6, 1997 - Jean-Pierre Allain - For reasons unknown, Jean-Pierre, a divorced 55-year-old fuel-trader, shot to death his girlfriend's family and two police officers. In what investigators call a "crime of passion" Jean-Pierre walked to the house of his girlfriend, Solange Briet, in the hamlet of Val, near Rennes, in Brittany and started blasting away with a shotgun at her, her parents and her handicapped younger brother.

August 5, 1997 - Phoolan Devi - India's self-proclaimed "Bandit Queen" threatened to burn herself alive in parliament in New Delhi if she was tried for murdering 20 men in 1981. Phoolan, 35, who was elected to parliament last year after 11 years in jail, told the lower house: "Once I have been pardoned, I should be allowed to lead a normal life." The pardon granted to her in 1994 was rescinded after the families of the victims demanded a fresh trial.

August 3, 1997 - Andrew Phillip Cunanan - ABC signed Avenue Pictures to develop a movie about lethal Andy. According to Cary Brokaw, the Chairman of Avenue, "The intention by all concerned is not to make a headline-exploiting movie. It's a complicated and tragic story that we want to do justice by." Really? Yeah, and we here at the Archives we shine through subtlety.

August 3, 1997 - David Berkowitz - In a letter to the New York Daily News, the "Son of Sam" says he prays daily for God's forgiveness and deserves to die for his crimes. Dave, now 44, converted to Christianity in 1987 while serving six consecutive life sentences.

The born-again slayer -- who has written a series of religious pamphlets that he distributes in prison -- said in the letter: "The police and the news media used to call me 'The Son of Sam,' but God has given me a new name, 'the Son of Hope,' because now my life is about hope. ... I am no longer the son of the Devil."

August 2, 1997 - William Burroughs - Here at the Archives we are saddened by the death of William Burroughs, America's greatest literary outlaw. Uncle Bill died at age 83 of heart failure in Lawrence, Kansas, 24 hours after suffering a heart attack. The undisputed king of Mayhem, Uncle Bill's comic genius will be sorely missed by us all.

January-July, 1997 - Morgue Archives - For previous entries to the Morgue check in the casualties filling the archives.


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