Showing his breasts - 185K

The blue panties - 489K

Snorting coke with his bitch - 510K

"Just wasn't their night" - 585K

"If they knew how much fun" - 464K

Speck's Pecs

Homepage of the pasty, big-breasted killer

In May, 1996, five years after his death, Richard Speck came back to life in a pornographic video made secretly in prison. The tape, believed to have been shot in 1988, shows Speck casually snorting from a huge pile of coke, wearing woman's panties, rolling joints, having sex and bragging about living the good life in Statesville prison. At one point he says, "If they only knew how much fun I was having in here, they would turn me loose."

A feminine looking Speck appears to have taken hormone shots as he proudly displays his overgrown tits to the camera. It is unclear how the jailhouse Tarrantinos obtained the equipment to make their porn video. Besides Speck two other inmates appear on the screen, Speck's black lover, or in prison lingo, "his bitch," and the filmmaker himself who casually pops in for a line of coke. The convicts do not appear worried about being caught. At one point Speck says that he did kill the eight nurses and says they died because, "just wasn't their night." He also acknowledges having so much sex in jail that he can't count how many times he's done it.

Richard Speck died of a heart attack in 1991. Most of the relatives of his victims died shortly after Speck's rampage. The surviving relatives are outraged by the lax conditions and general merryment depicted in the video. Statesville prison is considered one of the toughest prisons in the nation. Ironically the prison was used for the riot scene in Oliver Stone's film Natural Born Killers.

*** The God of greed pulled the clips from our page. If you want to see the clips contact Michael Harvey and Bill Kurtis and ask them. Seems to me outrageous that they should be claiming any copyright ownership to a video of a mass murderer smuggled out of jail. I doubt Speck gave them permission to air the tapes on television.

Subject: specs pecs
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 14:48:17 -0500
From: Michael Harvey
To: gotcipro@yahoo.com

My name is Michael Harvey. I work am a senior producer for Investigative Reports as well as a lawyer. I work with Bill Kurtis out of Chicago and produced the Investigative Reports documentary on the Richard Speck tapes.

Please be advised that Kurtis Productions owns all rights to the Speck Prison tapes. We have not authorized them for use on your web site. Please remove any such images immediately or we will take appropriate legal action, including action for legal damages.

Thank you

Michael Harvey


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