Six-Pack of Death

Damacio Ybarra Torres A fan of the LA Raiders and the Teenage Ninja Turtles, this Skid Row resident waged a one-man war against the Emergency Room of the LA County USC Medical Center. A member of the NRA, Ybarra declared himself "a victim of a medical conspiracy." His five-hour siege left three doctors in critical condition.

Marc Lepine Another gun freak, Lepine entered the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, a school that once rejected him, to wage his private war against "feminism" killing fourteen women and then himself.

Charles Manson America's Psycho King. In prison Jan Holmstrom, a patricide and LSD enthusiast, set Manson ablaze just for the hell of it. During his last parole hearing, Charlie stated, "I could have a parole and have no soul. I will keep my soul and have no parole." Obviously, he remains in jail.

Randy Kraft One in a long tradition of Californian freeway killers, Kraft is suspected of smoking up to sixty-two men. A computer genius, Randy kept a log in a personal code detailing all his killings.

Ramón Salcido One of several family annihilators in these archives. First he tried to blame his rampage on drug and alcohol abuse, then, on a possible brain tumor. After numerous CAT scans nothing was found. Through it all Ramón remained unrepentant and in a state of denial as he drew pictures of his smilling children.

Charles Ng A dishonorably discharged Marine and martial arts expert, Ng claimed that ethnic sterotyping has led to wildly exaggerated descriptions of his fighting ability. While in custody, the Hong Kong native complained of the fifty-mile van ride to his court appearances, the prison-issued lunches and the cramped cage where he spent court recesses.

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